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Deflection of Blame

Trump deflected blame for the confusion at airports over the weekend on protesters and on a computer outage at Delta Air Lines Inc. that caused flight cancellations, even though that occurred more than 48 hours after the president’s order and lasted only three hours.


There was a president who served three terms.


There is a mode in which the country allows extraordinary powers to the president.  Martial law can (and as I recall is) be enforced without any other approval–I mean martial law is the default in this situation.  Rights are abrogated.


Trump came into office claiming this mode.  This mode is called “a state of war”.  As I recall it must be formally declared (in order for these powers to be invoked).  As I recall during both World Wars trading was suspended on the stock market/funds were simply held.  Surely I’m wrong.


There is a Republican majority which is apparently eager to join with the Russians in a (Russia-defined) fight against ISIS.


Trump is first and foremost a salesman.  That defines his morality.  He is very wealthy, which makes it impossible for him to identify with the average citizen of this nation–of whatever race, creed or other identifying characteristic.  Examination of his business records with an eye to honesty I found less than totally reassuring.


If you read The Art of War or The Prince (the latter I found easier, I admit), you will find that the best way for the King to deflect blame is declare an enemy and blame everything on him.  This would also be an ideal step toward creating a tyranny, and it’s not clear at all that that would be widely resisted.  It would be welcomed by some, clearly.


I was forced into my job in the Navy because of what they fancied a certain talent at pattern analysis, and familiarity with a somewhat large class of ideas, hypotheses and theories.


“This is not a drill.  This is not a drill!  All hands on deck!”

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A More Challenging Driving Test in Maryland

This will indeed freak some people out.  There’s going to be a real driving test.  Hopefully this will include the mandatory certification tests for the elderly.  A real-world test is going to be better.  Ideally it would include pedestrians throwing themselves in front of vehicles; vehicles flagrantly violating all rules of law, safety and reason; emergency vehicles–and simply the unexpected.  Especially the police officer with an attitude.  I suppose that would be taking it a bit too far.  Maybe we should be thinking in different directions.  One of the Supreme Justices was talking about a car being a privilege (driving and possessing one, rather).  He should try getting food at a bargain without a car.  At least in this valley, transportation for the handicapped is so fraught with requirements you basically can’t shop (and don’t forget you can’t shop for too much at a time).  Better than that, let him walk home with his dinner or better his savings, and do it on a minimal income.  He doesn’t represent the people.  I suppose what he represents and intends to represent is his idea of the rightness of things.  Perhaps he drapes nude statues in his spare time.


My back really, really hurts; in the way that reminds me I won’t be walking for all that long.  Pardon me for the attitude, and admire my lack of foul language.

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Chronic Pain

This is one of those days.  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome means some nerves pinched in the back, sometimes; sometimes critically.  Orthopaedic physicians, osteopathologists–that sort of people–agree with the lowly (note the absence of quote marks, in criticism of my fellow presumable non-believer of a blogger) chiropractor the Syndrome exists.  And today I can barely walk.  Pity about the compound fracture in ’76 that made things so much worse, too.  O well.  Or something.  I certainly believe in pain.


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I always knew there was something about those guys…

and it looks like the police on the case are really feeling sheepish.  Cops chase car thieves that turn into grass-eaters?


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Some absolutely priceless gifts…

Think you have a kid who misbehaves?  How about a 14-year-old kid who gets away with impers0nating a police officer for a few hours?

You’re not allowed to kill me for this.  It’s a Microsoft Songsmith ad that makes the Seinfeld commercials look attractive.  Gawker says it “makes you want to kill your family” to slightly misquote–read the article, admire the sheer professionalism of the commercial.  It only took me a few minutes to recover from it.  And it did make me forget my pain completely for a little while.  Torture for relieving pain.  Great.

Y0u may have heard the word warez.  Don’t go to warez dot com, because it’s a place to pick up (first of all) viruses and secondly infected software, which is increasingly the case with MacIntosh pirated software.

Ever wonder why Wikipedia seems to be the first (s0metimes the only) source for information on a Google search?  We’re not to worry, Google isn ‘t stuffing the results somehow (although an exec may mention the reading matter–anonymously, of course–of someone who spent time reading one of their digitized volumes.  Google is fair.  Trust them.  They say so.

The Conficker/Downadup botnet growth seems to have slowed; good news.  One major indication is that most people are actually keeping their computers (Windows, that is, and in the U.S.) patched, according to all the advisories from the know-it-alls.  [Keep on keeping your machine patched.]  On the subject of Windows Patches, the Internet Explorer 8 that was installed on machines not running the beta will be pretty easy to use.  It’s faster and more secure–and, of course, the most targeted browser in the world.

There’s much more and I don’t actually have the energy.  But I am writing again.


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Various Notes to Begin Thursday

1.  And here we thought those big names in business were honest.  Satyam (Indian–as in, from India) outsourcer’s chairman and founder Mr. Raju just admitted he faked the books.  At least that doesn’t go on in the U.S.  Turns out there was almost no profit in the company at all.  But feel sorry for him.  He was “riding the tiger”.

2.  Wearable OLED screen.  Yeah, pictures on your wrist.  For some reason this reminds me of a guy on our ship in 1973–very early 1973.  He had to have an LED watch.  (Check your books on this one.)  So he got one in Hong Kong.  Better part of a thousand dollars, and a couple of years later they were the cheapest thing on the market.

3.  Twitter phishing:  this is potentially very serious.  Again, don’t click on a link from someone you’re not absolutely positive you know.  This guy is actually an experiment, and Malware City is a good place to go for current (low-level) information.

4.  And poor Jungle Jane.  No wonder she has that frightened look (the picture’s toward the bottom of the page).  I’d think the perpetrator must have been really, really hard up.  I’ve heard of, well, having unnatural feelings for dolls–but come on, fella.  Fellas.  Whatever.



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This would take true enthusiasm…

What I don’t get is what job description does entail getting infected.  I mean, other than enlisting in the military.  Not authorized to be exposed to infectious agents, is my rough recollection of this.  My.  Perhaps we have missed out on a few of the wilder working conditions.


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I wonder what sort of negative category I’m in…

Yet another example of government mis-labelling has surfaced.  In my era and well after, participation in the Peace Corps effectively ended any chance at a security clearance.  Recently I’ve been revealing a few tidbits about things I know.

Don’t worry, though.  I still believe.  I’m just still trying to figure out what I believe in.


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I Lied. Darwinian Evolution of Banking??

Since when?  It’s a Slate article to which I refer.  I’m in the process of reading the article.  “”The natural course of Darwinian banking has been interrupted by this plan,” a financial analyst said.”  I’m caught between laughter and outrage.  Darwin’s first note was that “natural” evolution basically requires an open as opposed to a closed environment.  Thus once a society has come into being, evolution is in terms of it.  We humans survive with respect to our immediate environment–our society.  That’s why the majority of us can’t survive without society.  It’s in the very first place quite literally unthinkable (just think of the countless comedy movies about the city-slickers trying to…fill in the blank), because we can’t manage to even express the ideas necessary for survival.  We don’t have the knowledge to cut down trees with a chainsaw let alone an axe.  A maul?  A splitting wedge??

My point?  Banks don’t evolve naturally.  That’s beyond a contradiction in terms.  And bear in mind the root word for the industry is actually usury and was morally impossible for Christians for a long time (per the pope) thus the slurs upon the Jews…and the Knights Templar.

One other thing.  Whisper this as you may, state ownership of “public enterprise”–business–is that “communist” thing that people have talked about for years.  The attempted division that political parties have attempted since the dawn of “yellow journalism” (sorry, guys, and technically that includes me) is mythical.  [Yellow journalism of course refers to the cheap paper that the first newspapers were printed on which aged rapidly and turned yellow in the process, and which was the biggest single teacher of reading in the {god, I hate the rabid racism implicit in the phrase} civilized world.

Happiness.  I won’t even address half the issues in the article, or I’d spend the rest of my day on it.  [I was the one who when forced to take history class toward my bachelor’s contributed so much in class the teacher decided it was utterly pointless for me to take a test.]

Bah.  Humbug.  Politics.  The best part about it (I checked, last time; really and for true, I did); the candidates have no obligation whatsoever to follow anything they say while on the campaign trail.  Free translation:  it’s a bunch of bullshit.


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Windows 7 and Mikerosoft Promotions

Actually, I can spell.  If you can watch the video here, you’re a lot tougher than I am.  I did make it almost half way through, though.



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