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Cars for Veterans

I had to get rid of a car a bit ago–I did it for Cars For Kids which is legitimate.  THIS DOES NOT SEEM TO BE AND YOU MIGHT GET IN LEGAL TROUBLE FOR DONATING TO THEM.  You can’t contact them for a car.  There is no contact link.  I find no other listing than their advertisement.  If you donate to them make sure every step is documented and that you have removed the license plates from the car, and that you have contacted your state’s DMV for any further instructions.  I’m adding contact DMV because that’s what my state says.

I donated a car and I don’t give a damn.  I never owned it because it couldn’t pass I & M, once someone else accepted ownership it was indisputably theirs AND the state attorney general was aware of the case.  The real danger is twofold.  The car could be chop-shopped so that stolen parts could be used.  That’s a real, burgeoning business in the United States.  It has been since at least the Prohibition.  The second is more likely but doesn’t rule out the first.  This could be an operation for acquisition of under-the-radar cars.

I spent about 15 minutes.  I read about 10 times as fast as the ordinary reader when I’m not straining, up to about 30 using tactics I learned through military schooling (when I was a child) and up to about 60 if I strain and can page quickly and accurately enough; at this pace some information is missed.  I damaged the first kind of short term memory which is extremely fast and very much like a CPU cache and damaged the manager for ‘RAM’.  Deliberately.  It’s a long story.  Most of the damage did heal but I did manage to not notice/remember some things.  Which means, yes, they’re evidently there to some extent.  If I make a blanket, blank statement like that it means that I have spent enough time researching (I won’t use my own opinion alone) that I’m utterly convinced.

Cars for Veterans is a scam.  Someone who tries to use that for a tax credit will be in trouble.  Someone just trying to get rid of a car may be in trouble.  Use Cars for Kids and forget the one for Veterans…because it shows no way for a veteran to obtain a car.  I could have furnished any information they wanted and it utterly failed the test.

My duty is done.

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When We’re Screaming For Big Brother

They just didn’t vet carefully enough.  That means first of all they didn’t bother to buy computer access to search criminal records.  There is also a possible implication as to whether it is accidental, however there is not enough data as yet.  Remember, there are a number of things that are held out as desirable but which are both sinful and illegal.  Remember, attention is attention.  So; I’m pointing out both that I’m dubious about the cable network involved and fascinated by the polarity no one saw here, the innate contradiction.  We scream for the absence of surveillance and yet here it is being decried.  But the problem itself is never discussed.

This is at a time where we have crossed the line from maintenance of order into the casual intrusion of deadly force into any and all police-civilian confrontations.  In Oregon and Nevada police are the notable sources of death.  [This will immediately be blamed on many things, but a cop tried to warn me in 1991.  I wish I’d listened and taken a ride with him in his patrol car.  At least I’ve learned now from not learning; discounting something because of its source means that you assume yourself to be able to distinguish absolute truth through extremely relative means.  If Rose dies I may well occasionally spend time with the homeless; certainly I’m going to sell this house and buy an Airstream.  *Or something very similar.]  Police are people.  They even have relationships with civilians.  Fracture one.  There are more people than police.  If most of the people are at the point of demanding new government, something will break.   More than that a lot of the citizens will die.

There will be a number of excuses tendered for that.  However, education at police universities changed, obviously.  The entire philosophy being employed progressively employed; I myself was a victim of profiling.  I was successfully accused of using crystal meth (while driving? anyway, apparently I was high but)–none in my bloodstream but I suppose they explained that away.  *I’m very deaf and at the time didn’t have hearing aids.  I also gave up straining to hear.  After having the idiot deputy smiling at me cheerfully while testifying (I accidentally  whispered in a shriek “But why didn’t you blood test me” thinking it would be inaudible; I got lectured about how the judge didn’t like disturbances–oh, and “But it’s not procedure“) and actually hating for the first time in a long time I thought it better to wait.  Even though I had been attempting to ‘stay under the radar’, I’d been victimized.  I was followed for no reason for about a mile and then made a mistake out of nervousness and was ticketed–sheriff’s dept again.  Then I got the first part of compensation as I recall for PTSD.  And the sheriff’s kind attentions stopped.  Of course, come to think of it, if that was anything to do with a guy named John Thompson, who was a friend of sorts I visited fairly frequently–it would have stopped about then.  The guy died.

My point is that we as a population evince a complete ambivalence toward the police; supportive at one moment and killing them the next.  The police ‘respond’–and act–in the same way.

Our opponents at Tours have returned.  This is not the time for internal dissension.

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My [2012] Suburban

I said earlier in an answer on Quora that I wouldn’t buy it new again.  On reflection that’s probably a lie.  It’s beautiful.  It’s very dangerous, because of its height and power, which are laughable compared to real 4wheelers and such; it’s dainty compared to my first Suburban or at least seems so.  It has a relatively tiny V8 although it puts out a relatively respectable amount of horsepower.  It’s an absolute pain in the ass to park, especially since I had the leveling kit put in (that’s the one where you actually sit level instead of the front end being lowered for some odd reason; now that you’ve read this look closely at vans, SUVs, pick-ups and so forth).  A Suburban is very, very long, although it turns okay.  However, turn radiuus is turn radius and you ain’t gonna get away from that one.

It has; super dark tinting because of the disease I have; wheel well flaps; protected glass (so that it handles rain more effectively, by far); a rear entertainment center (including that pop-down, yes, friggin’ movie screen…I needed that NOT), two full basically new sets of beautiful tires MOUNTED tire pressure sensors and all, bug deflector…and the interior looks like the Cadillacs of my childhood, upholstered in leather but arrayed in leading edge (for 2012) technology.  A cold air intake which adds a bit of horsepower and makes it attract cops I mean sound good.  I have a truck there that has other men eying it in envy, generally secretly although I’ve had scattered compliments.

Would I do it again?  The question should be reversed.  Could I resist buying it this time?  Fuck no.

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The Fix for the Fix We’re In With Oil (Or Something)

‘”We’ve got an abundance of supply,” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said this week in Oklahoma at a gathering of putative Republican candidates for next year’s presidential election. Lifting the ban, he said, would allow exports to “our allies in Europe, where, instead of being dependent on (President) Vladimir Putin and the Russians, they could be dependent on Americans.”‘

Am I missing something or did this fool just say we should navigate to have our allies dependent on us?  That is a direct diplomatic slap in the face.  It’s also characteristic of recent Republican gracefulness with wording.

Oh, well, I have popcorn.

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Behaviorism basically states that observed species tend to learn solely with respect to their environment.

Observably social interaction modifies this behavior.

It is debatable whether any phenomena could conclusively be taken to establish anything save absolute determinism on  many levels.  Ironically, that includes beliefs.  More ironically yet that is one of the true points of both Walden II and 1984.

In many ways content is restricted by form and most especially format.  If meaning were to lie outside language it would have to lie outside a social context, for instance.  If there were no meaning outside language (outside the  communicable, outside that confining form of language) there could be no change.  That there is change and that it isn’t gracefully accepted by society makes for a constant tension.

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I hit the limit and I’m doing it.  My wife hates it, now that she realizes I meant it…  It was fun buying crap for a while but I have enough.  I have a very fast car and a new Suburban.  I have a house and a lot of clothes (not new).  I have like 20 watches, almost all automatic.  I have one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen, who is 14 and I’ve had her since long before I got compensation.  I have a supportive wife who can tolerate my various ailments.  She certainly loves me more than I do (which isn’t hard).

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If you have an eidetic memory and you are in the state that follows, how do you manage to temporarily damage that memory–more accurately, the way it indexes things–to allow for what amounts to a reboot to a backup?  1.  The plan was made before computers were widely known, and the first method of indexing wasn’t available as an example per se to me.  2.  That state was that I was living in what amounted to a prison camp.  I mean this quite literally.  I was very well treated, mind; it would have been a gentlemen’s prison.  However, I remember the day after I was adopted my aunt pardon me my (new) mother saw me smiling and screamed at me “What are you smiling about?”  I stuttered a bit and said I didn’t know how to say.  “What do you mean?”  “I don’t know the words.”  “Then you’d better learn them, young man.  I’m going to know every thought you have, just like with Stan and Susan”, who were her other two admitted children; she had 4 in all, but 2 she abandoned to an orphanage*.  Very soon what I read was monitored and she openly read everything she could find that I wrote.  3.  It might not have been a prison camp except for one minor thing.  She kept me wanting me to act normal, the one thing I could never, ever do.  I am a genius.  She wanted to keep me there and…make me normal.  Rather, she wanted me to make myself normal.  That I couldn’t do so meant that I didn’t believe in God and therefore wasn’t saved–which was pretty well guaranteed anyway, since I was illegitimate.  4.  [Understand that I am merely further explaining that prison camp, privileged though it may have been; I basically didn’t lack for food, for instance.  She did withhold it from me when I was hungry because I ate too much, however.  I buried that memory because I was afraid of what I might do.]  I quickly found out that I had to bury a large part of my mind as much as I could.  In her mind it would have been totally justifiable to kill me if I had resisted her in certain ways; she might well have tried to have me exorcised.  My natural mother when I was nearly dying prayed for me not to die unsaved, not for me to live.  My wife and the landowner we rented from both told me.  5.  How can you be sure that you can divide and have it be adequate forever? you can’t.  6.  How do you trigger that reboot I mentioned? you choose two 4 digit numbers.  Yes, a PIN.  Well, I mean, you look ahead a bit more than 50 years and see a number.  You make another version of that number available as a lock; the other is a key, or unlock.

The lock was 7652 and used in 1963.  The unlock was 7625 and encountered January 3, 2015.  I obtained the number because I finally used a part of my skill in writing to produce something so savagely true that it produced immediate action, coupled with a plea to the president.  There was the prior request to McClain, mind you that had gotten me Social Security.

How does it crumble? slowly but quite surely and irresistibly.  I’ve even tried again and again to pretend it’s imaginary, and it’s not working.  I even thought I’d killed the eidetic memory quite thoroughly and only left the permanent memory of patterns.

*The lock and unlock cannot be re-used.  They hit the actual cerebral cortex join and there’s no way to go back.  Yes, I’m actually ambidextrous.  It is somewhat confusing at times.

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