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when the fires had died
we found ourselves dancing
in ruins.

destruction was so splendid!–
how odd the rebuilding
is so painful,
so slow.


The original subject was Nero and Rome (the addition of drunken partiers celebrating the event was apocryphal at the time, and occurred supposedly at his villa; that it occurred at all on his orders is modernly disputed; however, remember ‘sugar of lead’ and the following dementia).


That this would be applied by either side to the other of this modern debate that does concern the survival of anything resembling current human society and probably the survival of humanity makes the fires…very probable.  The personalities of the two main actors on this peculiar stage and the fact that they act on characterizations rather than studies leads me to the conclusion that disaster is nearing the inescapable.


“God bless us all, Tiny Tim.”




I have categorized this under utter stupidity (mine) for a reason perhaps obvious to those who have been reading me.  I won’t and can’t go further, unless I leave [have left] information for after my death.  I probably would have done something like that were I in a situation necessitating protective measures; I probably would have quietly reiterated that verbally and actively.  Since I of course couldn’t be in such a situation I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done such a thing.  Final note; I rarely if ever leave a note like this without reason.

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MFA: Extreme New Problem

MFA is the latest in a new wave of environmentally-related factors that could be significantly counter-productive in a properly oriented work environment.  MFA, as all are of course by now aware, stands for Mother Fucking Acronyms, and is characterized by severe twitching (especially of the eyelids), alternate uncontrollable erections and attacks of the limps, and all sorts of stuff with bowel movements.  Add this to the fact that the first sentence in this post is similar to the modern memo, and you have a real tendency for office workers to go berserk.  Fire one of them suckers, and you better do it third-party behind a flak jacket (and use the secret entrance).

I wasn’t going to do posts like this.  Sorry.


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Chronic Pain

This is one of those days.  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome means some nerves pinched in the back, sometimes; sometimes critically.  Orthopaedic physicians, osteopathologists–that sort of people–agree with the lowly (note the absence of quote marks, in criticism of my fellow presumable non-believer of a blogger) chiropractor the Syndrome exists.  And today I can barely walk.  Pity about the compound fracture in ’76 that made things so much worse, too.  O well.  Or something.  I certainly believe in pain.


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On Intelligence

In reply to:
Is a biological being with all of the physical characteristics distinguishing the human…discernibly human without the effect of society?
A scale representing the relationship between irregular data inputs (reality, if you will) and a regular representational system is interesting because of its implications regarding value.  I doubt value is intrinsic.
This directly implies–pardon me, would seem to–task-oriented valuation.  Relativity, in a word.
Intelligence may be best defined as an ability to form sequences of protocols, then, that best fulfill the task at hand (probably beginning with survival).
Some of these protocols for the human necessarily involve interaction.
The hypotheses involved, then, in the mere discussion of the subject of the enhancement of intelligent, form an effectively infinite field of definitions.  Best of all–what would a “genius” confronted with the “real world” do?  Try to join in, or hide?

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Reverse Mortgages

…And here I thought they were for us renters, too.  The police have no sense of humor at all, either.



At least I can smile after we got turned down for food stamps.

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in honor of certain classes…

I am woman,

hear me roar.

I am cat,

hear me puke.


–Glenn (my long-haired cat’s name is Felicity)

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Some absolutely priceless gifts…

Think you have a kid who misbehaves?  How about a 14-year-old kid who gets away with impers0nating a police officer for a few hours?

You’re not allowed to kill me for this.  It’s a Microsoft Songsmith ad that makes the Seinfeld commercials look attractive.  Gawker says it “makes you want to kill your family” to slightly misquote–read the article, admire the sheer professionalism of the commercial.  It only took me a few minutes to recover from it.  And it did make me forget my pain completely for a little while.  Torture for relieving pain.  Great.

Y0u may have heard the word warez.  Don’t go to warez dot com, because it’s a place to pick up (first of all) viruses and secondly infected software, which is increasingly the case with MacIntosh pirated software.

Ever wonder why Wikipedia seems to be the first (s0metimes the only) source for information on a Google search?  We’re not to worry, Google isn ‘t stuffing the results somehow (although an exec may mention the reading matter–anonymously, of course–of someone who spent time reading one of their digitized volumes.  Google is fair.  Trust them.  They say so.

The Conficker/Downadup botnet growth seems to have slowed; good news.  One major indication is that most people are actually keeping their computers (Windows, that is, and in the U.S.) patched, according to all the advisories from the know-it-alls.  [Keep on keeping your machine patched.]  On the subject of Windows Patches, the Internet Explorer 8 that was installed on machines not running the beta will be pretty easy to use.  It’s faster and more secure–and, of course, the most targeted browser in the world.

There’s much more and I don’t actually have the energy.  But I am writing again.


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Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor is an excellent (freeware) product.  There is a paid version, which actually does receive highest kudos.

It also automatically recharges your method of payment at the end of a calendar year.  As such, I would strongly recomment not buying it, but using the freeware version ONLY. I have written to PC Tools telling them I would blog exactly this (the advice to use it, but not to buy it), so I’m not in any sense doing anything unethical.  It did clear the problem I had (ZDNet had in fact recently advised readers that some of their sites had been hacked, and that they were far from alone).  I’m frankly astonished that the Aussies wouldn’t allow any 0ther method of payment.  Whatever.  I guess I’ll use the free one.  I also had an update from a friend recently met at one of the ZDNet sites (I’d guess PC whatever–I am astonishingly good on names) that I intend to publish shortly.


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Maybe we epileptics should be included…


sorry; seems you either laugh over that one or moan about it–being epileptic, that is

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to realize you fought with a serial killer in high school.  I teased him in some humanities class.


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