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Up and Running Yet Again (the Moron Confesses)

Part of it isn’t my fault.  The BIOS on Rose’s computer ate it, evidently; CMOS chip, board, whatever.  It couldn’t even manage a read of a disk (disc; use your preferred spelling) drive.  Ironic in that I’d literally just gone out and spent money that I couldn’t afford…but I could afford losing the thought less…anyway; back home (system crash last night, MS diagnostic said not hard drive but hardware failure) and no go.  I was hoping for it.  As it is the indication is that the continued exposure to high temperatures down in her room finally cracked or separated the main board.  With no one to blame for that either.


As for this computer, the main hard drive–miniscule by today’s standards–was at least eight years old and by memory ten years old.  Like, that was the grinding noise.  So the new hard drive went in there and I just started from scratch.  Evidently some of the odd errors are explained, as in.  How time flies.  What an idiot I am.  Long practice.  Have confidence in me, and don’t emulate me, sort of like Tim whoever on Home Whatever (Improvement:  my memory isn’t actually quite that bad).  Blah.  I will say that a 7200 rpm head running at an actual 7200 does seem to have better performance characteristics, oddly enough.  Yep.  Complete idiot.


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