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Yes, I am one


i had not thought

being again could be so nameless

and thus easy

and yet still so hard:

i give thanks




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A More Challenging Driving Test in Maryland

This will indeed freak some people out.  There’s going to be a real driving test.  Hopefully this will include the mandatory certification tests for the elderly.  A real-world test is going to be better.  Ideally it would include pedestrians throwing themselves in front of vehicles; vehicles flagrantly violating all rules of law, safety and reason; emergency vehicles–and simply the unexpected.  Especially the police officer with an attitude.  I suppose that would be taking it a bit too far.  Maybe we should be thinking in different directions.  One of the Supreme Justices was talking about a car being a privilege (driving and possessing one, rather).  He should try getting food at a bargain without a car.  At least in this valley, transportation for the handicapped is so fraught with requirements you basically can’t shop (and don’t forget you can’t shop for too much at a time).  Better than that, let him walk home with his dinner or better his savings, and do it on a minimal income.  He doesn’t represent the people.  I suppose what he represents and intends to represent is his idea of the rightness of things.  Perhaps he drapes nude statues in his spare time.


My back really, really hurts; in the way that reminds me I won’t be walking for all that long.  Pardon me for the attitude, and admire my lack of foul language.

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MFA: Extreme New Problem

MFA is the latest in a new wave of environmentally-related factors that could be significantly counter-productive in a properly oriented work environment.  MFA, as all are of course by now aware, stands for Mother Fucking Acronyms, and is characterized by severe twitching (especially of the eyelids), alternate uncontrollable erections and attacks of the limps, and all sorts of stuff with bowel movements.  Add this to the fact that the first sentence in this post is similar to the modern memo, and you have a real tendency for office workers to go berserk.  Fire one of them suckers, and you better do it third-party behind a flak jacket (and use the secret entrance).

I wasn’t going to do posts like this.  Sorry.


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The fun of puns

This is without doubt the most pointless article I can recall having read.  It approaches humor (I’m reminded of some fake lecture by Mark Twain, in fact).  It villifies and uses the part of unning, at once.  My actual reaction was “So what?”  Pun or don’t; just don’t go on about it.  Please.  Then again, the NYT (New York Times) is reactionary, stratified, stultified and crystallized into kneejerk reactions and definitions, combined with a complete absence of the ability to learn on the part of its editors.


aaargh.  That, I suppose, is what the above translates to.

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Windows Defender, a minor note

This was apparently the culprit in icons not showing on my desktop this morning.  It has a horrible reputation in any case.  …And odd how dependent I’ve become on icons.  I can remember when you had to buy them.  This was around 1990, when icons were the big thing (mice had finally come down to the poor man’s level, as I recall, though I may well be off on the timing; for a long while the screen commands via the keys were it, after all).  Here I was having hysterics (quietly, and quite mildly; I have lots of dignity, being 55 [you do believe me, don’t you?]) because I didn’t have pictures as well as the text to identify the programs.  I will have to add that the screen resolution had also been rather wildly affected; a display close to 800*600 when it said 1440*900 or whatever; major difference, in any case.  Turned off Windows Defender having skimmed through their bloody insufficient literature and had the desktop back.

I am glad MicroSfot is around, though.  Those Sfot floks are just indispensable.  Sort of like floating plastic bottles in the Puget Sound.


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About Consciousness

It appears that my actual concern is the first establishment of society.  That can be defined as the formalization of language, allowing the communication of definitions and concepts rather than only immediate actions.  Given that any of this is valid, value is always relative particularly with respect to time.  And identity once socialized is far different from pre-civilization constructions, just as survival-oriented protocols are nearly symmetrically opposite between presocial and social forms.


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unauthored graffiti: new poetry

unauthored graffiti  (IV)

Time quite certainly scribbled
these fog-
shrouded mountains all about us
the graffiti
just in a language we can’t read.

(And oh, yes, the gods yet
quite clearly
dance here, at times.)
(fragment found yesterday)

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A Scam: Don’t Be Friends With Andrea Dias (Unless You Already Are)

I just received a request from Andrea Dias to be in her network of friends on Facebook!  How exciting.

The link to “sign up for Facebook” according to the come-on e-mail is ” “.  [Note that I inadvertently clicked on the link while copying it.  Some sites just require a visit, and microseconds.  I broke the link on this.  If you cut and paste this one into a browser address bar, be aware you have just committed yourself to hosting badware.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.  And I’ll be running bloody scans on this computer.]

The correct IP address according to Google is “””.

Note too that the fake address just adds some stuff onto the facebook address, which isn’t an uncommon trick.  The unwary user–one step up from completely uneducated–can be completely faked by something like this.  This was just useful as an example.  Real one, too.  I got it about 20 minutes ago or so.


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An Unsurprising Alert: Watch It

There is a rise in spam, fakes, come-ons and general duplicity on the Internet.  It seems to be connected to the latest economic troubles.  Although it is entirely unsurprising, it’s a good time to be especially alert for phishing tactics.  And if it seems to good to be true…


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them legs be mine.  I know they mine.  He be takin’ pictures of my dam’ legs.  You get that boy, ociffer.


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