sudden wisdom

sudden wisdom

having thought, far too often
to love or know or understand
to name, to limit

confronted by the thought
of you, i’ve no response.


Very, very occasionally I think I approach what I mean.  But then that may well be sheer self-illusionment.


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A Brief Note About “voices”

and, for that matter, about blog-publishing more ‘current’ poetry.  That manuscript I have to regard as published.  Therefore I feel that I will slowly put the whole thing in my blog.  Actually, I tried to upload the whole ms. and the server groaned and quit.


This also means that I’m going to have to be much more careful about when and if I should post something new.  Violation of copyright laws is a serious offense, but more often than not a reputation is quietly built and there is a consequent hesitation about accepting manuscripts.  Redemption in this particular case is rather rare, as well.


It’s fitting that it should be so, as well.  It’s very old poetry, for the most part.  I don’t think I have anything except that one that predates my teenage years.


sun on bright water

narcissus, shattered

by a pebble


Written when I was 13.  That one remains.

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See, here, this
bed where she lay
(sometimes she laid)
with me, with me: i think
she has just gone, it’s still
warm from her body, she
must be near
must be quite near…


And recall
you’ve left, to not
Still, you’re scarcely gone.


“Real.  Long ago.  I’ve nothing to add.”  …

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the old woman sits sighing
half-shaded from the sun: all
her springs have run dry, she lives

for the Sunday promenade
and muttered lines with old
friends (the summers of 50
years ago…)

her husband died
ten years ago–to be sure, at times,
she addresses him: but yet knows
he’s really become

only a part of herself, a reflection
of the labrynthine passages
of loneliness, memory, frustration.
her senses have, yes, dimmed: she’s unsure

what the young man looks like
who’s lived two trailers down,
for eight months. if he’s spoken
to her, she hasn’t heard…

her body has become a prison, covering
a self only she can remember.
sighing in the hot sun,

the old woman sits, hardly
knowing Now, telling her memories
like a bitter rosary: to
no god at all.


Real.  Long ago.  I’ve nothing to add.


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An Advertisement of Sorts

I won’t get paid for this in any way, I’m sure.  I already get preferential treatment because I have been a good customer and I was very open about this being the best.  That’s the first disclaimer.


I use marijuana legally.  I have a degenerative disease.  CBDs aren’t very effective for me, THC is.  It helps the oxycodone (Percocet, I now find is the name of use for pharmacists) ameliorate–not kill–the pain.


Vapexhale was a startup by someone from the tech world.  When I read the initial description prior to production I knew it would work, and better than anything I’d had or examined.  I was indeed correct.  Initially it was $500 for base (the Evo itself, the heat-exchange mechanism and tubing that allows passage for air), wire containers for ground marijuana and a simple mouthpiece.  Initially they were also more fragile than they are now.


It’s about $319 for the Evo and then everything else is extra although I’m sure there are recurrent specials (as right now) inclusive of containers–for both marijuana and concentrate–and some sort of mouthpiece.  The newest addition to the collection is “the whip” which is nearly a must-have.  The unit is very light, and the addition of the water-pipe type ‘mouthpieces’ (very intricate blown glass water pipes that go above the unit; see vapexhale’s website and yes that’s one of my rare links and directly thereto) or even the standard ones can be perilous if carelessly left on; using the ‘whip’ actually steadies it and also greatly conserves concentrates.  I advise buying a water-pipe addon or else the whip and actually the latter; the smoke is very concentrated (especially from the oil concentrate, and no that doesn’t directly follow) and doesn’t involve a lot of loss.


First and foremost as far as marijuana goes, it’s a vaporizer, which means you can avoid smoking things that don’t accomplish the desired effect.  I somewhat prefer a Proto pipe (the guy who makes them decided not to do it anymore; he’s dead…) but I still do use the screen containers when I’m coughing a lot.  If you merely smoke pot* recreationally it might not be worth it, although it’s many times more efficient than (for instance a Proto) old-time pot-pipes of various types.  If you’re going to spend $200+, go for this.  This is based on experience from the time the company started; they celebrate their 4-year anniversary–NOW.  If you’re interested, please use the link and go there.  Unless you decide to somehow mention my name for some reason [which is Glenn Charles] they won’t even know your visit’s connected with me.   I am going to tell them about it because they may wish me to modify this post in some way.


I’m not financially connected with them in any way.  I don’t believe they’re anything but a private company although I intend to check. (I invest in OTC, which is a company that handles among other things stocks for marijuana-oriented companies; I never have given investment advice before but I will on this; it’s not long out of the “penny stock” region and rapidly climbing.  Get on that train while it’s still $30; when I bought it in March it was $19.80 a share; 3 months later it was 22.45; $30.20 now.  Don’t get OTCRocket or the companies it spotlights from what I’ve seen, incidentally.  If you decide to research one of “their” companies don’t just use their information, that’s exactly as wise as slavishly following the opinions of Motley Fool.  It isn’t. Sorry about the long parenthetical soliloquy, I do try to avoid them.  I’ve watched OTC since it was in the $11 range as I recall.)


I also am not otherwise financially connected with OTC and I don’t have much currently invested with them.  I also just don’t presume and won’t to give financial advice.  As a great for instance; I have a 2012 Chevrolet Suburban (LT as in 4 wheel drive; I wanted a 4 wheel drive van but they have unit bodies) and I would definitely advise anyone in the market not to buy a new one although I love mine.  They’ve gone to unit bodies rather than full frames.  If I had it to do over again I’d go for the lower gas mileage and a last-century Suburban completely rebuilt, preferably one from no newer than the early 90s.  After 2015 Suburbans went to unit bodies–folded metal used in place of a frame, and much more fragile and difficult to repair.  If I didn’t go that route I’d certainly buy something less expensive, since they’re up to around $70k this year, I understand.  I drive a Saturn Aura XR (look up the stats) which is an excellent car, and I would–definitely advise against buying one.  I am more an example of what to avoid than one to follow.


Nonetheless, if you can legally use marijuana in your state–I strongly do advise checking out my choice on the Evo.  I included the advice-against to allow the reader some balancing, or appreciation of my ‘honesty’.


I am not in any way advising someone to break federal law or local law in using marijuana.  Since I have reason to believe certain parties are yet interested in my writing, this disclaimer was utterly necessary, sorry about that.

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Tom Petty is dead

Which is a shame, in that we’ll see no more of his (newly-written) art.



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Riding from the west, the knights
promise us freedom:
entranced by their shining armor, we
seek this mysterious thing.

Ah, but, later, we discover
swords powerless against
both greed and death.
Odd, this freedom

our masters brought.


This was written during the Vietnam war, aboard Admiral Steele’s (Commander Seventh Fleet, in charge of all Far East U.S. Armed Forces) flagship CLG-5 USS Oklahoma City.  This is about two contradistinct things; that war and rhetoric surrounding actions which are unjustifiable.  As such, it’s also about politics itself.  IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNJUSTIFIABLE TO “POINT THE FINGER” AT A GIVEN POLITICAL PARTY OR EVEN METHOD OF SOCIAL ORGANIZATION.  All methods of justifying usage of force by stated hypotheses (theories are the result of hypotheses which haven’t been disproven by tests; there IS NO PROOF available through empiricism.








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