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Weight and Identity

First of all, no, if I have any weight problems it’s on the side of being anorexic.


Now secondly, people.  This advertising crap is just that.  It’s idiots trying to sell things (like prescription strength deodorant).  One of the biggest traps for beautiful women is then tying up their entire identity in maintaining that beauty, because it’s too easy for them to just assume somewhere that’s the only reason someone could want them.  That’s wrong too.  Men try to laugh it off–usually being gross about it–and are just as affected.


By the way, those sociopaths that establish the “norms”, the obvious normal whatever–have to change them regularly.  It’s probably so they stay employed.


and I am talking about current advertising on all media of which I’m aware.

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On Pages Loading Slowly

I made a post earlier about the slow times I was experiencing.  I might add that others have been complaining about this for a long time.  I have a fast computer with lots of RAM (still).  What’s happening is the embedded Java script, the Ajax, and every other f’in widget, gizmo and wizmo on the Net–and that’s just on one page.  Maybe we should have a competition for the slowest-loading page.  This reminds me of the days of dialing long distance for a bulletin board and paying for every second of connection.  Capping might not be a bad idea…except you might go over your limit in one page.



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