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Briefly Set-System Relationships

A system has complex* relationships rather than simple relationships between units of the set* which comprises it. That complexity is the difference. Otherwise it would basically be a set representing a set. A system has rules and is probably always artificial (for our purposes, mind). A set is a defined group of items whose only necessary relationship is that they be defined as related. A system meant to describe a set can be simple or complex because it may or may not have rules about relationships between its components. *A complex relationship would be capable of class recognition; a simple relationship in a representative set would mean…there would be as many members in the set used to represent as in the set represented, and that there would be only one relationship between members of the representative “system”–representing the given set. A set is a bunch of things, sort of like “Just (a) Bunch Of Disks” or “JBOD” in computer lingo and talking about drive setup. A system has those complex relationships I mentioned.

That’s one note for today, and hopefully it will leave you thoroughly confused. There is more to it (there should be; that tidbit represents 40 years of dedicated thought and 10 in particular about set-system relationships).

These definitions don’t relate to mathematical operations and are roughly my own.

I really do promise not to overdo posts like this.  I just had to prove I am really doing something.

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About Owning a Home Instead of Renting a…Place

First of all, if you go with a home security monitoring service, make sure you’re not locking into a contract, as you would with ADT.  (Admission:  I’m locked into a contract with ADT, so my opinion of them is undoubtedly distorted.  Obviously they’re a fine, great business.  More obviously I’ll be glad when my three years–rather, 75% minimum thereof–is over.  Another admission is that I have PTSD so I’d better quit talking about it.)

This is a pretty good article about the pros and cons of owning a home, actually.  It doesn’t mention that value of a home is completely relative and that buying a home as an investment is ridiculous.  It’s exactly on a level with buying a home in company with one’s spouse in the knowledge that if the spouse predeceases you then the home is yours (the mortgage is completely paid) and therefore knowing* that you’ve made an immense profit.  On the whole buying houses as investment unless they are not bought with the intent of using them as homes in the long term is an idea not likely to work well.  Home mortgages are long-term.  Mine is 30 years, which is standard.  I’ll be looking into refinancing soon I’m sure; I’m also pretty sure I won’t do any better, which means almost all of my payments are…finance, of course.

If I rented it that would take care of the payments, which would leave the matter of maintenance–which is rather different in the matter of townhouses, but I shan’t go there.

The relative value of building, home, ‘house’, whatever needs to be investigated relative to the possibility of a bubble, and examined very closely, if one is buying in order to rent out in order to…  The death of said bubble is the death of the profit at least momentarily.  Payments don’t go down when value does, which is why I was able to buy relatively cheaply in an expensive neighborhood, I’m sure.  I’m not depending on the value of the property for anything, except perhaps a walkaway option should it become necessary.  I made a huge down payment preparing for just that.

Before you buy please think closely about all the things I’m “hinting”.  For one thing, “relative value” means that the value today will not match that of an uncertain tomorrow.  The question is when the change comes and whether it’s favorable or negative.  It will change.

As far as ADT goes I mentioned that primarily for one reason.  You’re going to make some bad decisions, too.  Try not to lack yourself into contracts, and try to make sure to avoid contracts you might not be able to afford.  I find this very irritating.  That’s all.  For another person, this or another contract could be that final straw decimating the camel’s back.

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On Truth

Before I could enter first grade at the age I did, I had to be tested.  Thoroughly.  Twice, once by a psychologist and once to ensure I could understand the teaching materials.  Remember, this is Oregon and that was the 1950s.

I already knew everything in first grade except math.  I had problems with dyslexia for the first three years of school, although I only mentioned it once.  [b:d, B:D, e, f and s are the ones I recall]  Math tied me in knots until I [the word does not exist, however it is something I learned to do then and now constantly do; it is very similar to using an abacus to do math; also some relationship to ‘haiku’ [:actually, words/ideas contracted as much as possible+1] and origami (as well as using fractals software).

By 3 years later, I had learned to lie about what I knew.  I had to claim to know less.  That was just after my adoption.

Two years later, I tested above high school graduate.

Two years later, I tested as being able to challenge any course in Bachelor-level college except math.  My parents wouldn’t allow it.  At fifteen I was offered a scholarship all the way through Dordt college.  My adopted parents wouldn’t allow it.

I needed one credit and one class to graduate when I entered my senior year of high school, and by the time I graduated from high school I had begun to live in rage.  I had been promised to graduate from bootcamp E3 rather than E2 with a guaranteed A school.  I would be able to become an officer (I turned that down, incidentally).

And in 1972 I was forced to become a ‘traffic checker’.  I was too young.  I wasn’t an E5 (I was a fucking E3).  I was on my first enlistment.  The DNC-5 said that all messages would be spelled correctly with correct punctuation and grammar.  I enforced that.  Someone pointed out to me I’d lose my privileged job if I kept on doing that with George Steele’s messages (look up Admiral, Commander Seventh Fleet, say, 1973).  They would start checking me for drugs, for instance, instead of warning me about tests.  I became more of a stickler.  They gave me a higher security clearance and for about three years I knew…EVERYTHING about the Vietnam war.  There was a minor addendum to that, no one else except the admiral did, which meant if I whispered one thing–if I screwed up once–if I ever lost control…why then, you see, they would know it was me.  Out of thousands of military personnel.  I had spies in foreign ports try to befriend me–I had our own spies test me.  I was warned I’d be followed and then I was.

And in 2012 they finally more or less admitted it.  “We don’t know precisely what Mr. [Charles] knew.”

By the way, Snowden is and was an idiot.

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The Last Two Silent Weeks

I’ve been working on things.  Primarily it’s been Network Storage.  I have a working Lenovo Iomega ix4-300d as well as a somewhat pretend NAS because it’s 4 TB and not only default but unstoppably RAID 0.  RAID 0 is bad because when your drive fails (either of them, at least) all your data is gone.  For non-intensive use that’s basically all right.  Modern disks (hard drive type) actually don’t have a default spin rate any more, they simply go to rest.  Since you can feel drives spinning, if you’re brave and have a somewhat gentle touch, try it; pick one up while it’s flickering (the drive light, d…arn it) and you’ll find you can feel the drive that said light indicates.  [This tends not to be true of the slower 3600 RPM drives; usual drives are 7200; there are faster-spinning drives available but oddly enough they are more susceptible to shock.  I am never sardonic.  Never lie, either.  You’d be astonished at how perfect I’m not.  I mean, am.]

Partially because of the Netgear pretend-NAS when I was installing the ix4, I had some problems.  There was also something else that was probably the OS (Windows) conflicting with the native OS of the NAS itself.  I would presume.  I explained it in fair detail and they suggested a factory reset when in fact it’s now working fine.  Let sleeping dogs lie where they may and tip toe amongst the dung.

Homegroup finally works, even with a Windows 8.1 among the bunch.  That means I actually have a bunch of computers working as meant, and I can access data pretty well on one if I can’t on another.  A case in point is Kindle, the application, not working on this machine.  It does on others, however.  I’m also finally unlikely to lose any data again; I do after all have that years’–old data saved that I’ve never gone through until now.  It’s been transferred from computer to computer, you see.

So I’m back online to an extent at least.  I am however writing assiduously which means offline a lot; publishers don’t like pre-published writing.

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When We’re Screaming For Big Brother

They just didn’t vet carefully enough.  That means first of all they didn’t bother to buy computer access to search criminal records.  There is also a possible implication as to whether it is accidental, however there is not enough data as yet.  Remember, there are a number of things that are held out as desirable but which are both sinful and illegal.  Remember, attention is attention.  So; I’m pointing out both that I’m dubious about the cable network involved and fascinated by the polarity no one saw here, the innate contradiction.  We scream for the absence of surveillance and yet here it is being decried.  But the problem itself is never discussed.

This is at a time where we have crossed the line from maintenance of order into the casual intrusion of deadly force into any and all police-civilian confrontations.  In Oregon and Nevada police are the notable sources of death.  [This will immediately be blamed on many things, but a cop tried to warn me in 1991.  I wish I’d listened and taken a ride with him in his patrol car.  At least I’ve learned now from not learning; discounting something because of its source means that you assume yourself to be able to distinguish absolute truth through extremely relative means.  If Rose dies I may well occasionally spend time with the homeless; certainly I’m going to sell this house and buy an Airstream.  *Or something very similar.]  Police are people.  They even have relationships with civilians.  Fracture one.  There are more people than police.  If most of the people are at the point of demanding new government, something will break.   More than that a lot of the citizens will die.

There will be a number of excuses tendered for that.  However, education at police universities changed, obviously.  The entire philosophy being employed progressively employed; I myself was a victim of profiling.  I was successfully accused of using crystal meth (while driving? anyway, apparently I was high but)–none in my bloodstream but I suppose they explained that away.  *I’m very deaf and at the time didn’t have hearing aids.  I also gave up straining to hear.  After having the idiot deputy smiling at me cheerfully while testifying (I accidentally  whispered in a shriek “But why didn’t you blood test me” thinking it would be inaudible; I got lectured about how the judge didn’t like disturbances–oh, and “But it’s not procedure“) and actually hating for the first time in a long time I thought it better to wait.  Even though I had been attempting to ‘stay under the radar’, I’d been victimized.  I was followed for no reason for about a mile and then made a mistake out of nervousness and was ticketed–sheriff’s dept again.  Then I got the first part of compensation as I recall for PTSD.  And the sheriff’s kind attentions stopped.  Of course, come to think of it, if that was anything to do with a guy named John Thompson, who was a friend of sorts I visited fairly frequently–it would have stopped about then.  The guy died.

My point is that we as a population evince a complete ambivalence toward the police; supportive at one moment and killing them the next.  The police ‘respond’–and act–in the same way.

Our opponents at Tours have returned.  This is not the time for internal dissension.

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Behaviorism basically states that observed species tend to learn solely with respect to their environment.

Observably social interaction modifies this behavior.

It is debatable whether any phenomena could conclusively be taken to establish anything save absolute determinism on  many levels.  Ironically, that includes beliefs.  More ironically yet that is one of the true points of both Walden II and 1984.

In many ways content is restricted by form and most especially format.  If meaning were to lie outside language it would have to lie outside a social context, for instance.  If there were no meaning outside language (outside the  communicable, outside that confining form of language) there could be no change.  That there is change and that it isn’t gracefully accepted by society makes for a constant tension.

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I just looked at KGB in Wikipedia.  It’s better than whoever that moron is that’s saying the KGB is declaring “checmate on the U.S. [whatever]”.  That’s exactly like saying that Stalin is.  Fine.  Out of curiosity, who’s your medium and what’s your point?

There are a few points I know to be wrong and I can’t really draw the line between what’s commonly known and what isn’t–even though that article contradicts some things that were commonly known in the intelligence-related world.  Nuff said.

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Ehlers Danlos Syndrome: About What it Is and Isn’t

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome definitely is in a sense one of the ‘invisible diseases’.  I mean, who hasn’t laughed at that double-jointed kid?  Who would have thought that pain might be connected with those same stunts even then?  If you’re really strange either you use it in your favor or others use it against you.  That one I had covered.

Why does it hurt?  You start out, as far as I know, either with cartilage that doesn’t do what it should or with less of it.  It really hurt to learn to walk, something that no one understood.  Everything was rubbery, and I know it was passed off exactly like this; “Oh, he’s just a baby.  All babies are like that.”  After a while it would have been transformed to “Oh, he’s just lazy.”  I found out the attitude by way of the inevitable sprained wrists and ankles and it was more and more one of blame.  I didn’t dare say anything about the pain or I was being a baby, and they told me it was normal.

During this time we lived in Japan for two years and I had a Japanese instructor.  He was a black belt in something.  He taught me extra things.  I didn’t speak Japanese, he had little time/he wasn’t supposed to teach me outside of class.  Like all teachers except one in college he thought I was exceptional, for some reason.  He taught me the rudiments of mastering my own body, and how to learn further.  I don’t think he told me–I don’t think he had to tell me–that the rest of the learning had to be between my body self and my spirit self.  I have even forgotten the Japanese names, and those English translations are terrible.  I can perform many of the ‘magical’ tricks of the wise men of the East, such as that is termed.  I have stopped seizures (of my own) more than once; I have driven a car after several (long ago).

I have Type VII, by the old nomenclature.  My eyes are sensitive to bright lights (yes, like a vampire), I bruise easily and shouldn’t heal from that well at all, I’m finally wearing braces.  I was told that I would be wearing braces all the time by the following year a few years ago.  Let’s see, that would have been 1968; I finally began wearing them this year.  I forced healing for that long, and I obviously forced some sort of maintenance.  I shouldn’t have been able to walk after 50; I’m 61.  The medical professionals I see haven’t seen anyone with a case of my severity at my age still walking.  I even exercise.  I have no cartilage in my spine, to speak of, which means that it moves around a lot.  It was calcified but a doctor bet me I couldn’t stand up straight.  I said “Wait a minute”, sighed–I’m sure I shrugged physically as well as mentally–and stood up straight (I hadn’t realized I’d grown to be a hunchback).  You could hear the crackle.  I sighed again and let my eyes blank a bit, saying “Just a second, here” as she screamed at me “Don’t you ever do that again!”  Let’s not mention the days I was walking on an unhealed compound fracture (it was in a cast) while not using crutches so some fucking VA doctor couldn’t cut my leg off.  He’d already overdosed me with Haldol and I should be permanently impaired by it.  I know I was overdosed because I read the PDR that was…at his desk.  He left the room and I looked it up.  My hips and shoulders are prone to sublocation.  There are inherent eyesight problems that have to do with the disease and the fact that it has an effect on the ability of the cell to exert certain kinds of control over the passage of fluids through membranes (getting glucose and oxygen and getting rid of waste; cell permeability).  The ability to process collagen is nearly nonexistent.  I should have rotten teeth and have no cavities.  *I can’t eat junk food, basically.  Very occasionally my body will allow it.  On the other hand, I can eat dessert.  I’m doing well to stay at more than 150 lbs.  I am according to both scale and doctors extraordinarily fit.

And I cannot imagine what it is like to not be constantly in pain.

I have ‘nerve blocks’ in place.  This means that I can’t feel pain below a certain threshold, although hopefully sensitivity isn’t reduced (in effect it is, unfortunately).  I will not feel blisters on my feet.  I need to remember to start checking them again, and then do it forever.  Don’t know about bruises or scratches.  I hit my shin getting into the car the other day, hard.  It was more of an itch than a sting.  I have a prescription, yeah, of oxycodone.  Ten milligrams, been that way for well over a year now.  I also deliberately didn’t use them for five days recently and…the overall pain was just worse.  In fact, the lack of sensitivity to ‘minor’ damage was becoming obviously pretty serious.  Then I dropped the nerve blocks.

I would not be moving if I weren’t a zen Buddhist (I do not teach and I do not generally discuss this) and had I not learned to hear my body and to speak to it.

Unless you are a doctor and have done specific research on the subject of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I know a great deal more about it than you do, especially on the subject of mind control.  If you are a doctor and don’t know about it (the usual case) or have heard of it, or something of the sort–see above, and see that I initialized this paragraph with an AND statement; you failed the latter part.  This is experience talking.  Your generalized response with an Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome victim is going to be exactly the same as with a normal ‘healthy’ person; you will take any reference to it as internet-inspired hypochondria, and any symptoms as either the result of that or more likely some sort of drug-induced self-harming ritual.  With me, because cases like mine are so rare, my most probable cause of death will be ignorance, especially because I’m also epileptic and suffer from PTSD.

I have received a great deal of advice about EDS (much as I dislike acronyms I am known to use them) in the past few days.  None of it has been pertinent.

As far as the ‘magic’ to which I referred, it’s the common tricks I meant.  You either know what I mean or don’t.  That part of my life is not open, at all.  I don’t teach and I don’t display.  If I allow my concentration to be distorted (yes, that is what I mean to say)–just as an imperfection in a lense can greatly distort a magnification–it could kill me.

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The Mantra for Continuation

I will conquer, not you.  You cannot stop me.  When I can move no further, I will–always–take the first step.  When others tell me I can’t I will show I can.  There is no pain and there is no weariness.  You cannot bind me; I will conquer you.

The short form: “There is NO PAIN.” 


*To Be Continued, a very old notation

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Back to “Work”

I’ve been busy on Quora, and I notice a growing interest in what I have to say.  This was lying in wait, because I realized years ago, long before the Internet existed, in the days of paper tape and UNIVAC, that most probably the thoughts that inspired my actions then would still be needed now.  I wrote a two and a half page note to the powers-that-be (ComSeventhFlt–>JCS–>upward) that was designed to prevent WWIII for the time being, then.  By doing so I influenced the economy of the world.  I knew that if it worked I would be and I knew that it was supposedly utterly impossible that I could.  I had the opportunity because of that and two other things to remain in the ranks of the powerful and to actually become known in a couple of years; I felt that it would have been at the price of my soul.  I fled that war; I fled that position of power (or illusion) and I convinced myself that I knew that there were others like me.  In fact I assured myself there were others much more intelligent who knew much more, who had already thought of that and who would precede me.  I tried to ensure that I would not be alive now, just to insure that…I would not need to act again.  I knew that my insights could not possibly be unique.

In 1992 I got a degree in psychology, and the vein of logic and observation I had used was something that current theoreticians in any applicable field was still something utterly my own.  It worked.  I used that method in high school to actually pass two tests in subjects at which I wasn’t good–without studying.  They were multiple choice tests, and I used the patterning employed by the given teachers in the given tests.  I missed one question between the two tests.  My (private) saying in high school was “Tell me two things and you tell me three” and it very much applied in the Navy–and afterward; I actually did some research in the public sector to confirm some things.  Things, let me add, that were supposedly classified Top Secret.

According to that little paper (according to Brunner’s theories, Kissinger’s theories, the theories of the military at JCS rank and their strategists (to whom they hoped to co-opt me) there was going to come a period of collapse.  Partially it would be caused by the transition of “Third World Countries” to a recognized status and realize that part of the warlike clash would be caused by the very usage of “Third World” and its negative connotations.  Part of it would be caused by the virtual disappearance of material production (factories that make cars, for instance) from countries such as ours because of labor costs and environmental concerns.  Most of all it would be caused by a massive increase in population–a necessary concentration of the mass of population in urban areas (this was achieved here as of the 1990 census, over half the population lived in cities)–and a consequent, maintained and deliberately increased demarcation between the wealthy, the ‘middle class’ and the poor.  I recognized at that time that the poor served a social function of defining privilege and presenting an intrinsic warning should one lose the societally-conferred right to exist (that is, right to food, shelter, warmth and protection from casual crime).

Who among us who isn’t homeless hasn’t seen how they are treated and whether ‘consciously’ or not decided at every level that that was a step toward hell?  And now ponder, if you are not one of them, that most of us live   paycheck to paycheck.  Many live working for consciously brutal employers, with no recourse at all (Oregon, for instance, as most, is a hire-at-will/fire-at-will state, and if fired there are no benefits).  I recognized this as a direct result and so did those who took my advice.  And the alternative, which was attractive to some, was nuclear war.  Why, it would even have taken care of the overpopulation! although they didn’t like the reminder that there would be some people waiting at the doors of the hardened bunkers those who would use the nukes had ready.

I am trying again to convince myself I’m merely mad.  That’s what my compensation is for, after all.

The unfortunate part is that the threat is in the Middle East, it does involve religion and nukes and it involves once again regrettable acts in the past.  Mind you, we were warned a millennium ago, at Tours.  Surely others will rise.  I am merely an old man, dying of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and anti-seizure medications.  I have begun to write again; I am pondering how to put snippets in here.  I will put a copyright reminder with each one, now.  Not for pay, but so I will  receive attribution.  Having spent 50 years mapping out a new sort of social theory, I need to have it available in a structured format…which means, precisely in line with the theory, I am actually attempting at the onset to provide an informational/definitive/social and therefore protocol-oriented…stability, although hopefully it’s not in the least exclusion-oriented as well.  I will say that at the outset I basically equate Marxism and capitalism and for that matter at least most proposed religiously-oriented value systems.  The reason is that the core is a socially assigned right to llive.  The method of assignment appears to vary but can be nicely defined as nearly identical.  I wrote all of the notes over fifty years, believe me, although I haven’t retained them.  I suppose I should have, but at the time my audience was me and I didn’t need to read what I had written.

Whether I’m correct or not doesn’t concern me now.  I just feel a need to teach what I seem to have learned.  What’s done with it is unlikely to involve me.

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