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two new things

First of all, try Chrome!


 Secondly, another free anti-virus program, although I can’t handily try it out since I have another installed (AVG, which I’ve mentioned it before) but it comes recommended by PC World Business Center.  Here is where it’s referenced, and this is the page for the AV suite.  I’ve included the reference–from PC World–because it’s a bit hunt-and-peck to find the free version (I’m positive it will be marked as a trial; you can stamp “dummy” on my head if I’m wrong).  I haven’t gone into details on their article because of their TOS and a warning therein, and I may be feeling paranoid this morning.  Or maybe I was chased earlier by an Alaskan chick trying to put lipstick on me.  I’m confused.  (I used to live near Anacortes, though.)

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