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Avant, an Update

As far as I can tell, don’t use Avant with Vista on the current update.  On two different downloads and installs (I haven’t yet gone to uninstalling, cleaning, and re-installing; I intend to, but I am actually writing what I’ve been thinking and studying about for forty years, and it just comes first–in many respects:  the PC [that was interesting:  Caps Lock with Firefox on this account (*.post-new.php)…tries to navigate away from the bloody page] was merely a thought in an SF-writer’s mind (Robert, mainly) and in fact the computer was on the level of “That’s really neat; now what do we do with it?”–and I can’t see doing most of it on a computer.  Why? computers crash and go down)…it crashes (sometimes the computer too) and goes down.  Make that simpler.  Right now Avant looks unusuable.  The display problem is fixed pretty well, although print sizing is unreliable, for instance.  Looking up some bookmarks is slower than [JC, who did that to the caps key??] IE at its worst.

Enough.  I’ll try another browser or something and see if the Caps key works.  But don’t use Avant.  Orca seems to work perfectly now, however.  Then again, I haven’t loaded the absolute latest update as in installing it.



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