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tiger direct

I advertised CDW misguidedly a day or two ago as an easy source for parts and OEM Windows.  According to a VP OEM Windows is only on a complete machine.  The prices weren’t all that great.  And the site and products look to me to be aimed at the business world rather than the private user.  That would kind of seem to go with a transition into a Fortune 500 company, where the individual (or so it seems to me; this is merely private opinion) is the nuisance involved in generating money.


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A lot of people don’t know about these folks.  They’ve been in the industry a long time, they’re extremely reliable, and they’ll pretty much beat anyone local on prices, no matter where you are.  I should also mention that “OEM” does mean a legitimate copy of software shipped with hardware, which means you can get some very inexpensive legitimate Microsoft software from these guys.  I’ve only dealt with them since sometime in the late 80s as I recall.


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