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Valorization and Information

value and information and two kinds of value–one is assigned because of currency, being up to the minute; the other is assigned because of stability, the ability to maintain relativity consistency in information in some respect in changing situations. The second can be assigned to the first, but not vice versa.


The only instinct that humans have that’s been confirmed is the one to copy. We copy whatever is moving around us that seems most like us, as tiny infants. That’s it. We have that in common with most mammals.



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Yahoo!s Home Page

They may actually change it to be usable!  The write I saw was about the Australian site but they’ve already changed the American site!  It seems like I have to end all of my sentences with exclamation marks!


…and I can finally quite using MSN as a home page.  It really has burned me all these years that it’s simply been the most functional.  Avant Browser appearing and what appears likely to be a viable home page that has nothing to do with Microsoft…what’s next?  We might even get to vote for the president, instead of the electoral college.


–Sorry, I was dreaming there.


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