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Charter, the Company EVERYONE LOVES TO HATE

I’m a veteran with full disability.  That means I get paid at very specific and unchanging times.  Charter lives in its own little world.

I overpay bills.  This is a way of saving in two ways.  You can get your money back (and if, like our garbage service, you get no bills, you know you’re not overdue, and that’s the only way; no bill if you owe nothing, morons).  You can also not pay a bill or bills for a month (or longer).  And finally you don’t feel too sweaty generally, so to speak.  It also takes some extra money.

I went back to Charter reluctantly recently.  Charter if anyone doesn’t know is an ISP, cable only, which means it now offers all three services; internet, tv, phone.

I did that last month.  On the 21st, I suspect.  And today (having paid $200 verifiably, no snail mail, not even a credit card–a transfer FROM MY BANK so no possible balls could be dropped (guess how I pay my bills).  They got paid on the 4th and when I signed up for internet access to my account the paper bill was correct, I was overdue.  Five business days, and on the 5th (while I was talking to an agent, no less; no I have no suspicions whatsoever, being that gullible kinda guy)…it posted while I  was looking at it.  (Overemphasizing portions of blogs (using a lot of underlining and boldface and so forth) is a very bad thing to do so I have refrained here.  The reason it’s a bad habit is simple; you’ve made too many points of distraction (or emphasis, if you prefer).)

To top the matter off they were going to charge me overdue fees because I don’t get paid until the first of the month and they want to get paid on the 21st, starting this month–so a double (unanticipated) bill in the midst of a month with extra expenses.

God, I hate Charter.  Nice to be back with someone to revile on a daily basis.  I may just start calling them up and telling them I hate them when I’m having a bad day.

Wow, a function of the internet we’ve all missed.  We can just pick someone randomly and blame them for everything.  Oops, it’s already happening.

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They are going to institute the cap (don’t worry).  I know I’ll end up doing it.  My social security number is necessary to pay a bill?


The morning started out badly.  A couple of weeks ago I discovered what Mom had been muttering about before she left for Montana.  She’d decided she had to clean the air filter in her little window air conditioner, and she managed to cram it back down in so that the holder was midway down the actual filtering mechanism; in order to remove the filter and get things back in somewhat-working order it was necessary to rip part of the filter.  That is not by the way the end of the world.  She was undoubtedly worried about noxious gasses and the like.  R-22 isn’t pleasant and will displace air but isn’t per se poisonous.


I decided to take the filter out because Rose had decided to leave the air conditioner on, full strength, 24 hours a day.  It tried to turn into a freezer.  So I spent a half an hour or so fixing things (more or less; the holder–a brace, apparently, for something that assuredly didn’t need it–was broken in the process, so there was a wire to get out of the way, to which the holder had been attached).


Today, Rose decides to clean the filter.  And freaks out over the wire.  She was evidently pretty sure it wouldn’t work any more.  She also managed to make chewable coffee and carefully leave it for me (she gets angry if I go to bed too early, late or probably if it’s too, too, well, just too, you know? I don’t).


Then you can’t do the Charter website anymore.  They’ve improved it to unusability.  Rose of course has to have her own password.  It costs two bucks to pay over the phone, which I’ll evidently do.  So I’ll pay two months, I guess.  Jesus.  I am not in a good mood.



Yup.  As foreseen, nearly half an hour to pay a bill.  Just picture me as a happy, smiling old man (I am after all 54 years old).  Well, I am bald.

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