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China Spying on Internet Users

That’s terrible.  Here they are, gearing up hotels to get information from the guests.  They even hacked some computers.  It almost reminds me of U.S. law, the recording industry, DRM and what ISPs are supposed to do (while not doing it because doing it would be a violation of privacy but not doing it is aiding and abetting in an illegal act involving copyrighted and/or patented material).




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About Pirating

I’m not defending it.  In a much earlier post I may have given the impression I was.  I’ve gone to various sites that basically had to be hacked into.  I’m diagnosed paranoid.  It’s a tad unlikely I’d run unlicensed software.  At this point, your probability of getting something like a keystroke logger is probably about 60% from any pirated software, and the probabilities of other badware something like “three nines”–99.999%.


That said, in China one copy of Windows (unspecified version) and MS Office (same) can run around a thousand bucks right now.  If you create enough of an incentive, someone will respond.  Bear in mind before just scanning that article that the source was later contradicted–and then bear in mind that this would be the correct action to save face on the part of governmental authorities.  Add in the complication that communism brought to the nation of a thousand languages, and bear all of this except the first two sentences with a lot of salt, please.  A “monopoly” could be any number of things because in some cases venue defines usage.


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