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For Easy E-Mail

Should I set an address up here at my domain?  If anyone cares they shall let me know; my intuition informs me.  I may do so anyhow.

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Palin, or excuse to lobotomize

I always felt the primary consideration with a pattern was whether or not it was communicable.  I posted a question to that effect (“A Rather Burning Question”) on a philosophy forum.  I was rather snottily informed that no pattern need be in common for there to be communication.

Actually, my reaction then is as now.  Interesting how many utterly absolute statements, answers and whatnot there are, and how vastly variant.  Truth it would seem bears many faces, many names.

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toward a definition of social networking

The current usage of this phrase is very much mis-usage. I’m using this blog as “Notes Toward” and it may merely continue as such, with Davies and the then being the significant ones, one of course hidden.

Society is a social network.

A social network is an organized form of communication, generally employing both protocols and hierarchy. The usage of technological artifacts in order to figuratively speed or ease communications is at best nonsensical. The actual medium employed is language, which has set rates of broadcast and reception. An electronic medium used to overcome physical separation (which should generally be the only possible justification for its usage) necessarily eliminates some of the information present in a personal/physical meeting. So…when you as the head of the corporation find yourself absolutely unable to live with the latest technological piece of refined, polished and attractive assistance…first ask yourself what isn’t being done by people with what they already have? Bear in mind that the newest software, like the newest hardware, is the most likely to fail, because it’s the least tested.


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about names from a different direction

What follows is actual current poetry.  It is intended to follow in format the poem made of 100 poems that’s posted elsewhere (the Radio Weblog for oregonnerd, that as yet I can’t access); the original was supposed to be written in 100 days, and took me 10.  I expect something between 10 and 20 but make no bold statements, even that it’ll make it to 100 segments.


It’s actually about the big splash about “social networking” as something that apparently didn’t exist before the invention of the web.  Odd.  I thought a social network was a group of individuals who passed information of various types to each other in a somewhat organized fashion–from gangs to poetry clubs to “the guys that meet at [the local bar]”.  I mean, the intended mega-poem is.  About social networking, misnomers…and the kind of society that uses these interesting changes in the language–such as a ‘transparent ploy’ being the same thing as an ‘invisible ploy’.  Suddenly we have management actually talking about how they want their changes to show when they mean that they want their seamless changeover to be, well, invisible.




names’ ledgers

though we
each day name
each other anew

while yet attempting
to see through yesterdays’
lensed assumptions

and as we struggle
toiled and entrapped, entwined
(sysiphus and gorgon at once)

we become
our names, our
damned names



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