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Proper quoting (and therefore blogging) by the law:

Quote excerpts and link back to the articles.  Thus far, AP couldn’t do anything to me about what I’ve done–according to English and American law.  Maybe having a degree has actually served me in this; copyright infraction has always been viewed seriously (supposedly, anyway) by the scholastic community.


Another thing.  It is one thing to say that “President Fielding is insane” and entirely another to preface that statement with “In my opinion”.  If you make it clear it’s your opinion, then it does fall under the free speech protection.  If you don’t, there are a lot of other considerations.  If I said something about President Bush’s mental condition without making it clear it was merely opinion, I could very well be in a lot of trouble, since I have actually do have a degree albeit bachelor’s.


As far as the quotes go; over one paragraph, and you’re over the line for sure.  Over 48 words, assume you’ve quoted too much (48 words in a row, that is; it’s hard to plagiarize “the”).


Oops, that’s right.  I’m trying to copyright “the”.  So far no one has contacted me about the case.



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think we have it rough with MS, RIAA and others on copyright? try the RAF

A cease and desist was issued by the RAF to an online clothing store regarding items for children.  Their logo (oddly enough very similar to our beloved Target which has a similar penchant…I think the last cease and desist was to a witch) was just too precious to be wasted on patriots.


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