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1020 2008
This is more of a pause in consideration.  A great deal of a lingually-oriented consciousness has to be in terms of language.  Kind of implicit in the name and all.  What that means is that there are various sorts of assumption which are adopted along the way and generally without any real method of statement.

The other possible mode of consciousness is going to be non-lingual, and therefore it would seem prelingual.  It’s either this or else you’ve got a method of consciousness which is a product of language, where prelingual consciousness is something that has to exist.

Back to slow reasoning and playing with a chess game and such.
Changes.  Certainly unsought, perhaps unsound.  We perceive first of all by means of change, just as much as any lizard or frog.  Intelligence is something we adduce, its value at best relative.  The very idea of yes/no boundaries in “real” life means fiction.  The major problem is in guessing toward progress.


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