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and all that stuff.  Talks and walks keep going on, with Yang seeming set up as the fall guy.  Yahoo’s shares have dropped and so has MS’s offer; Google participation isn’t in fact clear at this time.  I expect actual news soon, although probably not this Monday.  I haven’t linked to a single thing because at this point there’s nothing hard going on, just a bunch of speculation, although I expect I’ll be doing some further looking.


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Internet Black Holes

I haven’t seen much on the black holes since the initial announcement…but the New York Times analysis of the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger gone bad–this following on a Sunday article I won’t link to because I’m waiting to see.  Note that the article to which I did link notes that talks between Google and Yahoo! have apparently ended.  Google had an escape option anyway, with a revenue clause written in.  The analyses which have been going on from late last year until now (and, let us note, are continuing) are interesting.  Icahn continues on the outside as more than a bit player, although he’s generally been regarded as a comedian in this particular venue until lately.  Judging by his assets (which heads down a philosophical line I won’t tread in news stories) I’d…not judge too hastily on the merits of his judgment.


God, I’m proud of that.  Maybe I can work for the government someday.


P.S.  What this means in real terms is:  no one knows quite what’s going on, but the information business is a very hot deal.

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