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Voices is my first poetry manuscript (that I saved).  My first was stolen (not returned; the pejorative was lent by my adopted mother); I was the ripe age of 8, since I’d just been adopted.  From fluent reading to my first attempts at poetry in one year; my real mother (my adopted mother’s sister) hadn’t ensured I could read, although she was…an elementary school teacher.  I took to poetry because of things that English couldn’t express.


WordPress won’t take a whole manuscript.


I promised to publish Voices here.


Here we go, one poem at a time, cut and paste, beginning with the next entry.  Few of my (current) friends read poetry if any.  I take that back.  I know two do.  I have suspicions about a couple more….they know I have my eye on them…there’s a them-shaped dent in my eyeball…


I have destroyed most of what I’ve written.  Around ten million words in prose, and at least five manuscripts of poetry plus innumerable poetry “works toward” which are often destroyed immediately upon completion.

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My Monday Morning Lack of Take

The main thing I’ve seen about the death of the spam king is that he deserved it.  To me, that translates as “Inconvenience me and you deserve to die.”


Maybe I do understand the war in Iraq after all.  I hope not.


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