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Shorter Note About Driving

If you’re as old as I am…it would be good to check out a driver’s manual.  Some things have really changed in 40 years, oddly enough.  I am in support of a driver recertification program every twenty years.

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A Note About Cars and Power Steering

Make sure that any car you buy can steer when (if) the engine stops running.  There was a series of cars where the steering column ended at the firewall; the very idea had me in hysterics.  Make sure that you’re not using…oops, that idea doesn’t exist yet.  I just haven’t found out how to make people pay for my ideas.  So it’s a problem that can’t yet exist.  Make sure your brakes aren’t just electrical (I don’t think that capability is being exploited yet, maybe precisely because then if your electrical power somehow goes….you can’t stop the damned car).  Incidentally, review your hand signals.  A left turn is the arm (the left one) out straight; a right turn is bent [upwards] at the elbow; a stop is bent at the elbow with the hand downwards (It’s like a brake light).  Since basically no one driving knows those any more ..but then we’re used to drivers not using signals.  Sort of.  I try to signal and pay attention only to the road, which madly irritates my wife although my driving frightens her (if she only knew; she’s heard the words and believed me; I’m sure she’s never traveled over a hundred miles an hour).  I sometimes follow too far behind!  That means I figure the driver ahead is dangerous and generally I think they’re too dangerous to pass–I don’t like accidents, Suburban or no.  And given the chance, yes, there are times I would still without question (especially with a 250 pound Saturn that weighs less than a ton and a half) drive windy roads far too fast.  Of course I wouldn’t think of doing it now; I’m too wise.  I wish.

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