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anagram (3)

anagram (3)

rain on the lake
heron ‘gainst dappled waters: this fleeting dream




I wasn’t going to make any observations, but…  Yeah, it really was, wasn’t it? the dream I mean.  It was brief once we built our cities and attempted to girdle the world with steel.  The Sargasso Sea, with the kelp replaced by plastic, which eventually whirlpools down and is taken in by the true bottom sea life, and thus enters the food chain.  It does happen elsewhere, but that’s the most graphic.  Naturally the mouths of most rivers are filthy.  If one in every 25 throws away one piece of trash a day so it lands in a river–just how many pieces is that? do the math.  Google will do both for you.

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Time to Pause and Reflect

That means any of several things, most likely of which is the sort of narcissism reserved to gods and would-bes.  Then shining something up, among them one’s presentation.  Reflection, I mean.  Polishing, you know?  The artistic bit, which means basically an autistic kind of distortion popular these days.  Oddly enough, that’s fitting simply because constant adaptation in order to conform to a constantly more artificial and toxic environment is a…dead-end spiral.  We might add that it leaves no room for the production of protocols to allow large crowds of people to maintain some sort of identity (if you keep in mind that identity is also called language, and that without it/identity what you do have is analogous to the zombie hordes simply because there is no way to get along with each other and now think of the end of the Roman Empire, the end of the Hitlerian steadily more revolting pursuit of the insane; money is all that keeps us from eating each other)…  We might add that said dead-end spiral does dead-end simply because the environment does become too toxic.  You can’t move far enough up-river anymore…lol.


You might add after all this depressing stuff that it’s kinda been occupying my mind since I was about 8 and read Silent Spring.  It was shortly after its first publication.  That was rather a long time ago.  Next week I’ll be back at trying to find a non-violent solution, because…violence never, ever, ever solves anything.  Except life.  And that, my friends, is simply not a solution.


So tomorrow hopefully or the day after…I expect to own a house for the first time.  I might even shut up for a while.  Now how’s that?

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Changing Responses to the Environment

The first note I want to make–again–is that using an absolute, linear system (the order of which is self-contained, rather an important note) to describe a relative, non-linear one is at best risky.  This article is about changing fuel prices impacting the definitions of livability in the suburbs, from heating to paying for transportation to where one’s job is.


There is no social norm, even in the given instant.  To attempt to derive causation from statistics isn’t dangerous, it’s fatal.  I’ll expound on this further, I’m sure, since I occasionally already have, just not here.


The single point I want to make here is this; modern writers of news stories (for a variety of reasons) tend to pursue a single explanation.  That’s about as reasonable as saying that the only reason for what you ate last night is that you’re (for instance) a “single white American”.  Define single, white and American in the first place.  Then start about motivational impact points during the day, from realizations (basically, looking at something from another perspective; this is generally caused by someone else’s observation) to ads to things seen as preserving one’s identity.  It’s really rare that there’s a single cause.


A single point that the writer ignores or misses entirely is the inflation of prices in the suburbs.  Inflation based on desirability is subject to major fluctuations.  Services, then, based on desirability are extremely vulnerable.


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