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Epilepsy and Remembrance of Things Past

I was confronted again last night (inability to play a chess game, although the skills involved are finally coming back; it is a year) and this morning (I referred to Mann not Hesse as author of The Glass Bead Game) by the effects of epilepsy.  It started suddenly, unknown causes*.  It won’t quit.  I’m just wondering how far I’ll recover.  I can still learn–I recently downloaded and installed Ubuntu, for instance, and am playing with it; also Cobian 9 Backup.  Recovering the relationship between past objects known…I don’t know.  Interesting times, indeed.


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Maybe the worst error in attributing cause

is simply its near-invisibility.  The number of assumptions in any statement employing cause as a given is nearly infinite.  The guy who had just gotten fired and went into the nearest {pub, bar, whatever the fuck} to drink a glass of alcoholic beverage and then went and sprayed everyone in management at his former place of employment…probably didn’t do so just because of the {beer, wine, whiskey, whatever}.  If the music was really bad where he went, I suppose that could have contributed to it.  By the way, by “spraying” I don’t just mean peeing and missing.


In a world where the right to anything including life is governed first of all by money and secondly by acceptance [whose acceptance is all-important depends on who you are, evidently]–where secondary sexual attributes are constantly emphasized and then often are supposed to be ignored–where good is literally variable, particularly depending on who you are, to expect someone who isn’t one of the privileged few and who comes from the privileged few to be able to establish some sort of stable good isn’t merely ridiculous.  It’s insane.  If I’m starving and you’re starving, and there’s just enough food for one or the other of us to keep on living (for tonight), good takes on a very special meaning all its own.  Sharing doesn’t work, by the way; it kills both of us.  As far as I can tell, in point of fact, all methodologies of definition of “morality” [whether in terms of [divinity/religion] or in terms of [stability/named group identity] have been classifiable as task-oriented.  That is, the actual basis was preservation of a social identity with a definite eye to keeping the existent power structure and all its benefits as well.


That’s why I’m not truly outraged at having been found a criminal because I’m epileptic, for instance.  Enough for the day.


P.S.  The connection to chronic pain is simply this:  this kind of thinking is what helps keep me from concentrating on the pain.  It’s all too easy for it to dominate one’s entire existence.

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