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Candlestick Charts, the Stock Market and Protocols

I can’t think of a more perfect example of a language which is designed for a changing environment.  It’s even relatively-based in perspective.

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Exclusive definition and some price-tags

This particular weakness in the process (of definition by exclusion) is generally unexpected.  Here you are happily exclusing things on the basis of relevancy and suddenly something is totally relevant.  Okay, no problem.  Except when you find out the data was literally thrown out because of non-relevancy.

Pertinent note:  it has happened.


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a minor note

A minor note.

What I’ve been babbling about solving is this:  Dooyeveert’s Modal Philosophy employed modes which were essentially absolute.  That is, the validity (the “truth”) of a given mode is reportorial, and you don’t have to consider the origins of the definitions involved.  The tendency to use exclusivity-oriented definitions in this context means essentially that error is inescapable.  Another way of saying this is that the usage of absolute statements in a relative world is at least questionable.

The notion of modes is observably defensible.  It’s at least a way of describing ways in which people organize their perceptions, names, knowledge and assigned protocols in dealing with the environment (which naturally includes other people).  There are some fascinating possibilities introduced by this that I’m thinking about as well.  The notion of modes deals  well with the origin of human structures of knowledge and communication.  There’s also the matter of dealing with political structures and names.

All of this has direct effect on the nature of value.  “A change in values must result in a change in goals.”  The Nuclear Society has led to the Disentitled Generation; what the more current generation is remains to be seen.  My peers, I should say, fell back (predictably and actually without choice) on the dollar, peso, pound or whatever as the sole possible determination of value.  There was nothing else.  Trying to deal with others on any other basis hopefully just made us look like fools, rather than making us look dead.  Honor was the cool thing for comic books and popular films.

This is a minute fraction of what I’ve been scribbling away at.  It is kind of interesting.  I really did read a lot.   So I’m somewhat absent just now.  Assuredly the spirit will run out and I’ll spend more time on the Internet.

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