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About the Excuses Here

Yup, stay for the ant control.  That is not a mindless excuse; it’s mindfulness, sorry.

Jealousy? very probable.  Doh.  My wife has in the past thought I had my eye on various absurd women.  The latest is a chica (thus the word chick, incidentally, with the added thought that absolutely everyone finds ‘chicks’ in actuality cute, even psychopaths; technically I am one since I have PTSD and qualify under a few other headings; however, it’s not illegal, immoral or even unfashionable to be a psychopath; you’re just not supposed to act it all out so you join the military) who used to work at Harry and David [HAND, recent acquisition by FLWS] as a supervisor over me and wasn’t totally pleasant.  I have a habit of understatement.  She found me attractive as a next door neighbor (revealed when she was drunk; I reveal nothing when drunk from childhood experiences (teens is still a child and I was a sailor) and less when sober (as always now; medication).  Thus my wife was convinced I must be mortally attracted (logic?).  Which means that when I go to my chiropractor (of whom she was already jealous)…never mind.

Very few desires have impelled me, although many have inspired me.

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