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On Politics


what is this you try
to give me?  i need no slogans.  i make–and suffer–
my own.


I’m sure I fear the thought of Donald being in power more than Hilary! (or is it two “l’s”?)


I think.  No, I do.  I…never mind.


**Remember I did write this one during the Vietnam war, while participating.

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Down For A While

Due to some things going on in my life (re boring things like finance, Social Security, loops quite similar to those in programs) this is the first post in a while.  Just out of masochism I decided to try out the Google IE 7 browser, and all went wrong.  After that came a ccApp.exe “hook” [theoretically more on that later] which needed to be dealt with.  Very weak having someone in town build a computer for you.  If you don’t buy a Dell or whatever…build it yourself.  I’ve also stretched it as far as pain goes, so I’m feeling a trifle monosyllabic.  However Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is as soothing and peaceful as ever.  Reminds me of…of…Lucy?


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