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Firefox specifically targeted by badware…

Watch out for add-ons.  [ http:// /businesscenter/article/154931/article.html?tk=nl_bdxnws].  This one looks like Greasemonkey when it runs…and collects your user i.d. and password.  Not that with someone like me that would do them much good…


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Click-jacking, Firefox, NoScript: a bit clearer

Read this short & concise post by Ryan Naraine.  It will take just a little clearer, maybe.  It’s going to be a pain.  I mean, the whole bit.  However, having watched the Internet grow from nothing…it’s absolutely nothing new.  Being a pain, that is, and being a security threat (like mIRC, which I haven’t even thought about for nearly 20 years).


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Firefox and a Dozen Patches

If you just use Firefox as a secondary browser (I use more than one for various reasons, basically not pertinent)…it’s time to fire ‘er up.  A dozen patches were released this week.  Unless you have the auto-update disabled, which is as I’ve mentioned (and shall continue to nag) is a very bad idea, if you use it regularly this is just of mild interest.  If you don’t, there’s going to be an interesting period of vulnerability when you know there are exploits out there (even if you don’t go surfing) and it’s downloading.  Hopefully, just the patches.

IE 8 has the same display problem as does Avant right now; Orca (which I’m using to make this post) has the clean display and lightweight CPU and memory usage as does Avant.  To repeat myself.  Firefox seems incredibly slow to start but then does its usual “pretty damn’ graceful for a drunken elephant” act.


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About Alternative Browsers

This is a scary subject for most people.  They don’t know (quite) what a browser is in the first place and after that it keeps getting a bit more vague.  My main advantage is experience.  I couldn’t get formal training in programming because I wasn’t good enough at math to qualify for the curricula for that particular discipline.


You probably use Internet Explorer.  Firefox is a good alternative for browsing the web, and a bit easier to use.  It’s also generally safer than Internet Explorer.  The main reason that I mentioned this is that Firefox has just released a new version.  I have already tested the beta rather thoroughly and had no problems at all with Windows XP (I only have a gig of RAM and a moderately fast computer so it’s a fair test).


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