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when the fires had died
we found ourselves dancing
in ruins.

destruction was so splendid!–
how odd the rebuilding
is so painful,
so slow.


The original subject was Nero and Rome (the addition of drunken partiers celebrating the event was apocryphal at the time, and occurred supposedly at his villa; that it occurred at all on his orders is modernly disputed; however, remember ‘sugar of lead’ and the following dementia).


That this would be applied by either side to the other of this modern debate that does concern the survival of anything resembling current human society and probably the survival of humanity makes the fires…very probable.  The personalities of the two main actors on this peculiar stage and the fact that they act on characterizations rather than studies leads me to the conclusion that disaster is nearing the inescapable.


“God bless us all, Tiny Tim.”




I have categorized this under utter stupidity (mine) for a reason perhaps obvious to those who have been reading me.  I won’t and can’t go further, unless I leave [have left] information for after my death.  I probably would have done something like that were I in a situation necessitating protective measures; I probably would have quietly reiterated that verbally and actively.  Since I of course couldn’t be in such a situation I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done such a thing.  Final note; I rarely if ever leave a note like this without reason.

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The Fires Down In California

They’re bad enough to form a near-fog by late afternoon here, in the Rogue Valley (remember there are actually some mountains between).  Here is a report from on-scene.  That weapon (a chain-fed grenade launcher) absolutely couldn’t be the one that had the nasty habit of blowing up on the people operating it, I’m sure.  I couldn’t have been seeing reports about it.  For anyone wanting to know more detailed reports of conditions to contact numbers, this page should serve.


Hopefully the flames won’t get up this way.  This may sound like sheer self-centredness, but this is a yearly danger we live with.  No one knows what the changed weather patterns mean in terms of that.  The weather conditions in this little valley are actually unique on the West Coast, so conditions elsewhere on the West Coast mean precisely nothing regarding the Rogue Valley.


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