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File Utility

I’m pretty sure I no longer miss Power Desk.  The version I have (paid) doesn’t work on Vista.  Ant Commander does, and at first and cursive glance gets a “wow” out of me.  Believe it or not, that’s hard to do.  It’s so powerful it’s dangerous.  FreeCommander is at least nearly as powerful, much more clumsy and somehow consistently exasperating.

If you regard yourself as anything of a novice, FreeCommander would probably be the better choice.  If you delete something with Ant Commander, it’s gone.  No cool little recycle bin.  You can make a new directory quite easily.  If you’re an experienced user and can think about things before you do them, I’d recommend Ant Commander.  “mkdir” back in Windows.  My word.


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Interesting tools

These are mainly designed with the professional in mind.  Here’s the link, and Process Explorer was what I wanted to point out. Free Commander is a utility I use myself (it’s in my Startup folder, as a matter of fact); however, be careful.  I went to that instead of buying the brand of Power Desk (which I like better, frankly, as far as options) because as the title suggests it’s free.

Process Explorer is a much-advanced version of Task Commander, which is reached by CTRL+ALT+DEL–in Vista there’s one more self-evident step (it gives you choices).  Any of them can help you determine what is going on in your computer, particularly when it’s operating at the speed of mud and you don’t know why.


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