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Today’s Note–RtHDVCpl.exe and RemoveIt Pro (free version)

Every time I see this on something that details my startup list (which is the Startup folder inside Windows, of course)…I shudder.  And generally semi-frantically at least start researching it on the ‘net.  In fact, it’s a RealTek audio driver and should be left alone.  Personally, I’d rename it, because “HD” looks remarkably like “Hard Drive” for some reason.   **!@#$.  *.

RemoveIt Pro is an antivirus program that runs only when prompted and doesn’t conflict with AVG (free) AntiVirus program.  It also found a virus and a trojan that AVG missed*.   I am considering buying it.  Bear in mind that until recently I was just letting a Norton subscription run out.  It consumed too much processor time and was definitely targeted.


*I did do my homework there; I researched what RemoveIt found, and they were legitimately badware.

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Unbelievably, Freeware! and a browser, to boot.

ArmorSurf has some truly attractive features.  It feels more secure than this Firefox NoScript, in that I couldn’t even manage to comfortably and easily make a posting here at wordpress.  The link is to the download site.  This link is to the original description I skimmed (after having been pointed to it by e-mail, that is).  If it could be used for an actual “social networking” [I still have reservations about misappropriation of a much broader term] sites, it would be one hell of a lot safer than IE or FF.  [FireFox]  As is, it will afford an extra level of protection for playables, playable downloads, and the like.  Even if I don’t need to add the caution yet again, I will; anything that offers animation on the Web is intrinsically dangerous and should be used with great care.  If the damn thing tells you that you need to upgrade Flash or Active-X, try to go to the appropriate site to determine if you actually do need an update.  If you don’t, it’s badware; it actually is that simple.


P.S.  The paid upgrade will also hide your IP address.  You can do that for free.  Before you pay for anything on this, make sure you can’t get it elsewhere free.

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System Audit

No, not talking about finances.  We’re talking about your computer system, and Belarc Advisor.  Why would you use it?  Because you need to find out “system specs”; specifications about any or all parts of your system.  Including updates.  Oddly enough, it’s freeware.


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VM Ware–Free

Here is an excellent write-up on how to get started with Virtualization.  I’ve capitalized it because it’s actually in business these days rather than a sparkle in some mad programmer’s eyes.  I didn’t succeed with a straight installation of Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 530S; I got a hex error that I didn’t bother to check out (it looked to be after BIOS and before the corrupted version of DOS used these days)…


I expect I probably will try to keep track of it, and record it here.  


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