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File Utility

I’m pretty sure I no longer miss Power Desk.  The version I have (paid) doesn’t work on Vista.  Ant Commander does, and at first and cursive glance gets a “wow” out of me.  Believe it or not, that’s hard to do.  It’s so powerful it’s dangerous.  FreeCommander is at least nearly as powerful, much more clumsy and somehow consistently exasperating.

If you regard yourself as anything of a novice, FreeCommander would probably be the better choice.  If you delete something with Ant Commander, it’s gone.  No cool little recycle bin.  You can make a new directory quite easily.  If you’re an experienced user and can think about things before you do them, I’d recommend Ant Commander.  “mkdir” back in Windows.  My word.


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Unbelievably, Freeware! and a browser, to boot.

ArmorSurf has some truly attractive features.  It feels more secure than this Firefox NoScript, in that I couldn’t even manage to comfortably and easily make a posting here at wordpress.  The link is to the download site.  This link is to the original description I skimmed (after having been pointed to it by e-mail, that is).  If it could be used for an actual “social networking” [I still have reservations about misappropriation of a much broader term] sites, it would be one hell of a lot safer than IE or FF.  [FireFox]  As is, it will afford an extra level of protection for playables, playable downloads, and the like.  Even if I don’t need to add the caution yet again, I will; anything that offers animation on the Web is intrinsically dangerous and should be used with great care.  If the damn thing tells you that you need to upgrade Flash or Active-X, try to go to the appropriate site to determine if you actually do need an update.  If you don’t, it’s badware; it actually is that simple.


P.S.  The paid upgrade will also hide your IP address.  You can do that for free.  Before you pay for anything on this, make sure you can’t get it elsewhere free.

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System Audit

No, not talking about finances.  We’re talking about your computer system, and Belarc Advisor.  Why would you use it?  Because you need to find out “system specs”; specifications about any or all parts of your system.  Including updates.  Oddly enough, it’s freeware.


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About Freeware (Games)

Go here. There are about a hundred games here.  Free.  From a usually reliable source (anyone’s page can get hacked:  as of 0445 Pacific 12.13.2008, clean).


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another start menu manipulator,73688-order,1-page,1/description.html?tk=nl_ddxdwn I’m giving full-blown links that I can look at to verify.  What with recent stuff going on that’s safest, because it strips away one layer of eye-candy that simultaneously eases a page hi-jacker’s job.  For the record that should be http:,73688-order,1-page,1/description.html?tk=nl_ddxdwn and that link just won’t work because it’s invalid.  That would allow a character-for-character proof of the address.  I personally navigate to the start menu to add ‘exec’ files and use CCleaner to remove stuff or deactive it.  It has to work; by its very nature it should use very little RAM (as noted in the article).


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A Freeware Download Manager

that works with Firefox.  It’s reminiscent of GetRight, except it does work with Firefox, which currently is the browser of choice because of the click-jacking bit and the NoScript capability of the aforementioned.  NoScript has a fairly steep but short learning curve, at least for me (newbie novice that I am).  You’ll see–that’s the download page referenced by PC World, by the way–that it advertises speeded downloads.  That means it will search for alternate download sites and combine.  I experimented with it on PalTalkScene, a multi-chat-client program.  I recommend DownThemAll (the download manager, not the drunk at the local bar); I have no recommedations one way or the other for any chat client.  All of them are essentially and inherently dangerous.  Don’t accept links, don’t even figure that whoever you’re chatting with is, well, who you’re chatting with, even if they’re someone you’ve known internet-wise for years.  If you’re internet-wise, that is.  It’s getting like one of those morphing horror flicks.

I really did lie, didn’t I?  Just call me Dick (Nixon, not Tracy).


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Alternative Browser/Freeware/K-Meleon

K-Meleon is attractive on the surface.  Being a binary file, it also runs quickly.  The instructions are a bit cryptic; particularly as regards a “master password” that may be asked for.  I found it in the process of starting to use the Sun alternative to the Google online document collaboration (I’m not ready to talk about it yet).  The advantage to alternative browsers is simple; they’re harder to crack because less-documented, and less worth the trouble for people who write badware simply because they are alternative.  Get past Express/Outlook Express, Safari, and Firefox, and you’re down to perhaps 10% of the Internet population.  Cut Opera out of that and you’re down to about 2% (recent study, eWeek or PC World).

If you want to talk to me, you’ll be more likely to be successful e-mailing me at or  If you have real problems figuring out what the username is you can ask here.  I will give you a hint.  At LiveJournal I’m oregonnerd, too.  I’m trying out both. is fallout from crawler.  Crawler is an alternative search engine as well.

Just as a casual note; I found out that my carefulness truly did pay off.  On one of my external drives I have a complete copy of my 64-bit version of XP–backup, that is.  Took me forever (one of my dull moments) to figure out WTF the update program was talking about…anyone reading this blog for a while must know I have problems with names.  [I wonder why, with my penchant for trying out new programs and reading absolutely outre information.  Probably the cap of all that–the outre bit, I mean–was reading “The Writings of Mao Tse Tung” in Radioman “A” school in the Navy.  You don’t understand why it was odd? that requires a “Secret” clearance.  Sure got a lot of strange looks.  Sure regretted it about two years later, but that’s another story.  Knowledge, at least when admitted (when you admit you know something without thinking about it), can be a true handicap, even an enemy.


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VM Ware–Free

Here is an excellent write-up on how to get started with Virtualization.  I’ve capitalized it because it’s actually in business these days rather than a sparkle in some mad programmer’s eyes.  I didn’t succeed with a straight installation of Ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 530S; I got a hex error that I didn’t bother to check out (it looked to be after BIOS and before the corrupted version of DOS used these days)…


I expect I probably will try to keep track of it, and record it here.  


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FreeCommander, freeware

That’s the free one comparable to Win 3.11 of which I remember hearing.  I was just used to Power Desk.

I haven’t included a link because I’m getting tired.  I hate computers.  I also was driving for the first time in a year in a car that had sat for a year.


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Freeware: a Couple of Essential Programs

In the switch–gradual, at best–from Windows to Ubuntu, I found the absence of various programs to be the most troubling.  I may or may not be able to play Diablo II in Ubuntu–I can in Windows, so what?  The real core switch, though, would basically be in writing and getting information from the internet.  I gather that the usual person who surfs the net does things like look for celebrity news; the internet is a way to stay in contact with the ‘real’ world.  Maybe that would make these irrelevant.  For me, though, StrokeIt and GreenPrint are indispensable.  The latter became so on the first try.  StrokeIt (sorry, I goofed the first time and I’m lazy) sounded absolutely ridiculous, on first take; so much so I had to try it [guess what kind of review there was].  So what if you could minimize a window with a simple mouse gesture instead of all at once with [Win+D] or rather than travelling (sigh) that whole long distance up to the top right hand?  So what if you could close a window with a flick of the wrist?  Uh-huh.  Indeed.  So what.  I’ve even read comments by others concerning that being the chief reason to not be able to make the switch.  And no, the other programs using mouse gestures are entirely primitive by comparison in my experience thus far.


(sigh)–picture the “wizmo” sigh…if you do go there, make sure to visit the home page as well.

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