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Oddly enough, in reading this I was reminded of nothing so much as the war currently on in Iraq.  I’ll to admit too that I probably muttered something like, “At least they had a stated goal, even if it was a filthy one and they should have been killed at birth.”  Did I mention I don’t like bullies?  Every time I think about the war in Iraq that’s what gets me; we’re causing indescribable suffering (because description doesn’t cover anything but a small fraction) for an apparently unstateable.  Unsayable, since the one I used hasn’t been coined yet, probably over the problem of spelling.  Oh, and one other thing about the similarity; George Bush is far too intellectually lazy to ever memorize a poem longer than a page, even one about himself.  Since he’s seemingly gone out of his way to prove that, I’m making that particular statement as one of fact.


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George Bush and Clones

I suppose this is satire.  If so, I think I apologize.  Anyway, I heard that George Bush was a clone the day before yesterday.  What’s obsessed me since then is the question:  which one?


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