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Search Engine Optimization and [possibly, of course, now possibly] GOOGLE

That may have been the most fascinating article I’ve read this century.  I’ve had worsening problems finding things.

You optimize something by throwing in every key word that you can think of, even at random.  You could put:  kitchen chef, Chevy, remote control airplane, two cycle engine (runs good), set of new 17 ” radial muddies–and end up looking, for instance–porn.  That has been done at intervals on the net, incidentally.  That’s why picking the top entries on Google is for the very adventurous; they tend to be manipulated listings.

Once again, I implore anyone who might read and who hasn’t–get Web of Trust.  It’s free, user-maintained, and a lot of the virus engines even use it.  Mind you, some sites get marked as evil that aren’t, and I have yet to hear of a site that hasn’t been hacked.

Anyway, Google owns Thumbtack and its little baby Search Engine (referred to hereafter as BSE), and Thumbtack (heavily illustrated in that article I’ve linked, and it’s not hard reading) just optimized the ____ out of stuff.  Against Daddy’s rules (Google).  So they get this really heavy punishment and their results are on the 4th page of Google–no matter what the results are.  Now mind you, this is somehow a paid search engine (evidently a Yellow Pages you have to pay to get into…which you doin the Yellow Pages, too, or did).  This was a heavy punishment that always lasts something like three months apparently.

But a miracle of sweetness occurred!  Google showed its divine mercy!  The punishment lasted merely a week, and they were back to being close together again.

One’s heart melts.

And one nods one’s head and realizes; yes, it’s becoming harder and harder to get past preprogrammed results that actually have nothing to do with what you want to see, at times.  It really isn’t my imagination.  However, if you look at what I just wrote, I did hint something.  Keep on trying and rewording.  If it isn’t accepting the demarcations for something, change from commas to brackets to quotes (single then double).  Deliberately switch search engines.  There is Tor and Comodo Dragon and I have nothing else to say; the ‘visible’ portion of the internet is after all the smallest part.  I haven’t been to the invisible portion in many years.

No, I do have something to say.  Don’t.  It’s not healthy.  If you can get through it, that really is a fascinating article, but it is long.

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This is Google’s new browser.  There was some industry-wide hubub about the EULA (you know, the fine print that most users don’t read at the beginning of programs, the stuff they’re agreeing to?–End User License Agreement).  They’ve fixed it.  Reports now in indicate it has pretty rough edges although using the same rendering engines.  I’m frankly not going to try it for the time being.  It was on and is now off on a lot of companys’ Do Not Install lists.


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Google News Source

That was interesting.  I was doing some research and came up with the Google News Page.  I do have an excuse for my ignorance, since that’s exactly when last year that chain of seizures happened.  It’s certainly better than the abysmal AP portal which is the worst I’ve seen outside private hands.  My attention today was grabbed by this article by Mike Masnick, with whom I often love to disagree.  In this case, he made me feel better.  My one real episode with that fuckin’ site a couple of months ago made me never go back, because I realized that either the people who made the page were retarded or I’d suddenly become so.  Since I’m epileptic and do in fact become retarded at times, that was somehow uncomfortable.  (Recovery time from seizures is quite interesting.)


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Internet Black Holes

I haven’t seen much on the black holes since the initial announcement…but the New York Times analysis of the Yahoo!-Microsoft merger gone bad–this following on a Sunday article I won’t link to because I’m waiting to see.  Note that the article to which I did link notes that talks between Google and Yahoo! have apparently ended.  Google had an escape option anyway, with a revenue clause written in.  The analyses which have been going on from late last year until now (and, let us note, are continuing) are interesting.  Icahn continues on the outside as more than a bit player, although he’s generally been regarded as a comedian in this particular venue until lately.  Judging by his assets (which heads down a philosophical line I won’t tread in news stories) I’d…not judge too hastily on the merits of his judgment.


God, I’m proud of that.  Maybe I can work for the government someday.


P.S.  What this means in real terms is:  no one knows quite what’s going on, but the information business is a very hot deal.

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