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Declining foreign coverage

It isn’t a surprise to the truly literate that coverage of events outside the US is almost nonexistent, in a real sense.  You’ll come across some vast story that the local newspaper evidently never heard about.  Even to the (variously) illiterate it’s pretty obvious; it’s either that, or England doesn’t exist any more.


I want to make an important side note here.  Illiterate is not a synonym for stupid.  Many people who can’t read are simply dyslexic.  I think I’m fairly literate, and that skill has never helped me a bit in felling a tree.  Never eased digging, or made it more dignified.  If the definition of intelligence includes survivability the picture changes a lot, instantly.


So, at least glance at this.  The first news story I recall about declining foreign coverage that hit the States would have been about 1985 or so.  Fox was first showing up as a major contender and a lot of bureaus were pulling out and leaving Fox for coverage (while taking a lot of AP and UPI feeds).  What this also means is that in order to provide relevant news coverage we’re going to have to get together.   I saw something recently that was talking about it, but the problem is going to be distribution, for one thing.


I also do have enough information from a long-past background to positively confirm that this is one of the tactics used in various situations by various authorities.  There have been some good examples, too.  By their nature they’re hard to confirm to others.  The best tactic to use in a situation which could be interpreted negatively is to have something else attract a great deal of attention and by its nature elicit a lot of emotional involvement.  This is somewhat of a change from the days of The Art of War and whosis that worked for the prince in the Middle Ages that had the big nose.  The printing press by its nature weakened some of the supports for power.  For one thing, it enabled education.


The interesting part of the internet is that the (debatable) sort of literacy involved means a lot of instantly implied values and protocols that amount to a changed definition of reality.  There tended to actually be boundaries to reification, where “interaction” was actually one-way, a central broadcasting setup.  When it becomes two-way, and then the next step is taken where actual evolution can occur, there are some interesting consequences.  A lot of intelligence as currently defined simply means being able to find and to some extend understand information.


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