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The Preservation of Power and Its (Ultimate) Importance

Our thought for the day is quite simple.


At the first testing of the atomic bomb they (from scientists to government) weren’t entirely sure that it (the test alone) wouldn’t destroy the entire earth.  Ponder this a moment.


This is the first translation.  A nation was willing to destroy the ‘earth’ (its only planet of habitation) in order to ensure that someone didn’t come to power.  There is no doubt that it would have been horrific.  My researches before joining the Navy (including The House of Krupp) led me to believe that some people we would never imagine sought alliance with Hitler, but let’s not dwell on that and the past sins of England and the United States.  Oops.


The second translation is simpler.  Our species was willing to destroy itself in order to prevent this event.


This is just the best example of the sentiments attached to war and something called “patriotism” which is an odd word because it means (like “love”) so very many, often opposing things.


Oh, and by the way–we’re an intelligent species.  The only one on Earth.  You know, the one contributing vigorously to global warming.  And we’re the only intelligent species on the planet!!  God, I’m so proud!

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