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Philosophy and Identity

Mind you, the word “identity” in this context has nothing to do with usual usage.  I’m going back to 15 years old and all my mumblings to myself about a is not equal to a, not a, assignment of relevance being definition by exclusion (and appearing to actually state some things about known cultures)…simple stuff.  My version of “photographic memory” is actually a memory for patterns.  I do have damage to my visual cortext according to tests, and that’s where the seizures come from.  It’s just that…I guess I hadn’t thought that I’d ever connect a lot of the ends.

This is probably the most difficult part of it.  I think.  I’ve written about a page worth (by hand; probably about 150-200 words and still somewhat outline in nature) in three hours.  Mind you, I’ve just gotten done with about 30 pages that came from one page of notes, and I didn’t finish the working-out of my “outline”.  Two-dimensional modelling of three-dimensional object; interesting.


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Weight and Identity

First of all, no, if I have any weight problems it’s on the side of being anorexic.


Now secondly, people.  This advertising crap is just that.  It’s idiots trying to sell things (like prescription strength deodorant).  One of the biggest traps for beautiful women is then tying up their entire identity in maintaining that beauty, because it’s too easy for them to just assume somewhere that’s the only reason someone could want them.  That’s wrong too.  Men try to laugh it off–usually being gross about it–and are just as affected.


By the way, those sociopaths that establish the “norms”, the obvious normal whatever–have to change them regularly.  It’s probably so they stay employed.


and I am talking about current advertising on all media of which I’m aware.

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