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Various Insightful Stories

Rather a twist on The Sword In The Stone…sorry about the mordant humor.

Another tip for converting Android notes to the real world.  If, that is, you can really keep notes on your phone (mind you there are tablets and such too).

Was it a mistake? one hopes.  Google shares e-mail addresses of domain-holders…

Google Photo tips…

Yet another of the security holes in the computer world, and this one affects expenses to business because of hackers.  Worst of all I’m reminded of a Radioman “A” school adage.  “What can be encrypted can always be unencrypted.”

The peoples of India never come together …well, I mean…

This is about IoT and worth reading all of it.  Then consider this; there is much more information than is mentioned here.  Primarily for the individual there is this; there is no way to ensure that the data is anonymized and in fact…it can’t be.  Unless you learn how to randomize patterns (and remember not to wear key elements of clothing or use automobiles that are too modern, quite possibly not even carry a chip card with you at some point, be sure that you don’t have an implanted or tattooed emitter, have bought (used) clothing with cash…)  Unfortunately patterns that people use in merely driving home can predict all sorts of other things.  When I was going to high school J Edgar decided to keep lists of books checked from public libraries.  It didn’t do any good at the time for more reasons than is reasonable to name, starting with the absence of even TRS-80s (go look it up).  Now go find a corner, curl up and shiver a bit.  You should.  We all should.

Dedicated to X & Poorer, BTW

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Weight and Identity

First of all, no, if I have any weight problems it’s on the side of being anorexic.


Now secondly, people.  This advertising crap is just that.  It’s idiots trying to sell things (like prescription strength deodorant).  One of the biggest traps for beautiful women is then tying up their entire identity in maintaining that beauty, because it’s too easy for them to just assume somewhere that’s the only reason someone could want them.  That’s wrong too.  Men try to laugh it off–usually being gross about it–and are just as affected.


By the way, those sociopaths that establish the “norms”, the obvious normal whatever–have to change them regularly.  It’s probably so they stay employed.


and I am talking about current advertising on all media of which I’m aware.

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On Pages Loading Slowly

I made a post earlier about the slow times I was experiencing.  I might add that others have been complaining about this for a long time.  I have a fast computer with lots of RAM (still).  What’s happening is the embedded Java script, the Ajax, and every other f’in widget, gizmo and wizmo on the Net–and that’s just on one page.  Maybe we should have a competition for the slowest-loading page.  This reminds me of the days of dialing long distance for a bulletin board and paying for every second of connection.  Capping might not be a bad idea…except you might go over your limit in one page.



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Finally! someone recognizes lethal skunk’s, well, lethal qualities

In a recent announcement Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary for the Brits, put weed back up there.  For us United States types this would be exactly like an upgrade from class C to class B felony; parole instead of probation, no right to bear (okay, so there ain’t no such right in England, and I ain’t a-commentin’), vote or…never mind.  Let’s hope Bush doesn’t follow suit.  You know this comes from her college days, don’t you? “Dude, that weed was lethal!”  Oh well.  I suppose she didn’t inhale.


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