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A Minor Look Backward–How Many Geeks no Longer IM

One of the major attractions of the internet used to be things like IMs. Of course, they were for geeks like me, ICQ or something like that. Then that in particular began becoming steadily less safe, basically the more so the more people started using it. Somwhere of course in there came AIM and MS with whatever it originally was. Now, guess what? The geeks like me don’t use it, because it’s (the medium of Instant Messaging, I mean) taken up by neophytes and crooks. Certainly I wouldn’t want to use IM to meet anyone, and the very idea of something like a dating service based on information that would allow the construction of an accurate behavioral profile makes my paranoia feel paranoid.



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Yahoo! another bug.

Computer news sometimes reminds me of Jack the Giant Killer, which started with fly-killing.


Anyway, there was a Yahoo! cross-site scripting vulnerability patched on June 13th.  Here it is June 26th and Cenzic is alerting us.  So now for some serious research.  So here we go.  Briefly, there was a vulnerability for a month or so (the first blog summary I purviewed might not have been fully accurate) that Yahoo! didn’t notify users of or about.  That indicates a serious error they don’t know how to fix.  Generally, in a case like this, they’re not even at first entirely sure of how to start.  Comments at the end of the second article I referenced make it sound like users are fairly dubious. 


…If it just wasn’t for all those users, IT, programmers and especially the inbetween support staff would have much easier lives.  As far as someone bringing me over a computer that has communication problems with a new printer…bring the printer too.  As far as me setting up your computer for an encrypted network on XP, I’d give it even odds that it’ll just default to WEP encryption, although it shouldn’t.  Things actually tend not to work correctly around me, even though that is of course impossible.  She’s using open networks and definitely isn’t experienced enough with Windows to go through the setup routine for Networks on the Control Panel.  My real beef with Windows is that…never mind.  I think I’ll clean the house for a while.  Pet the cat.  Avoid words that tend to reveal I was a sailor, and that my mother was (or mothers were) daughters of a sailor, and remember the sea’s uncanny silence.  And write some more on that novel.  And someday, learn.


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Yahoo! Messenger Not Compromised

It was a Zone Alarm Pro (rather rare) mistake on identification of something (a .dll or ‘dynamic linked file’) necessary to that instant messsenger ( yacscom.dll).  It’s interesting that there have been a couple of false alarms among rather hot competition these days, what with Microsoft trying to buy out Yahoo!


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one note for the day

I simply had to look at a bit of my back-logged e-mail, and I came upon this.  Recently the MSN homepage was hit by a combination of ‘typosquatting’ (i.e. common mis-spellings/typings of domain names) and spoofed images because of a successful impersonation of ImageShack on IM.  Make sure you know who you’re talking to, or you could accept a message that loads your machine with all sorts of neat stuff you don’t want.


Recently enough I was hit by a Netsky virus and ended up having to reinstall Windows.  If it hadn’t been because of luck (and paranoia resulting in multiple backups on various media), I’d have been starting from zero.


Try to be careful.  Watch for news of new infestations.  And even on something like MSN or Yahoo! homepage if it looks odd, stop and think.  If it should be a secure site, look for the lock.


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