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It’s fascinating how many people believe in this stuff.


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Palin vs. Biden (Impalin’ vs. Joe)

I see that there are people who are championing this woman.  They even sound intelligent (and paid).

As far as I’m concerned, if McCain (now, bear in mind I’m also a Vietnam vet and come from a military background) and Impalin’ get into power, I really kind of want to live somewhere else.  Bush’s reputed philosophy just sort of evaporated.  Thankfully.  Impalin’ was saying we need to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent during the debate and mentioned North Korea specifically.  China has problems with North Korea.  McCain is 72 and apparently not in the best of health.  The idea of Impalin’ being president really scares me.


P.S.  Today’s a fair amount of pain again, partially weather related.  The real news on the net about security is going to sound a bit repetitive.  Keep stuff patched.  I do have one post to make, though, come to think of it…

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