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it seems long since
i accosted the
strange-eyed god.
and, o, the gifts
that he gave me:
have brought some joy, and all some pain:

but the worst–the best–
is sight.
There will be a lot of repetition from earlier posts in the ‘voices’ category, which is an ancient poetry manuscript. I lost the computer copy of the ms. that I cut each poem I posted from. Pardon the sloppy grammar.

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dragonsong (poetry from voices)



have you ever

played with the dragons?–

one changed me, for a while

and we spun arabesques

in the wind, lighting

the sky in our fiery course.

ah–have you ever

played with the dragons? i

did; it ruined

my life. i’ve spent it dreaming,

trying vaguely to recreate

those half-remembered flights



Ursula K. LeGuin liked it.  It’s that island trilogy.  Earthsea (how useful the internet is for people like me who remember patterns not names).  She is one of the masters of the art as well.  I refuse to use the feminine form because as used it’s been implicitly a slight–although she’s written, too, only as woman.  Which has to do with a whole science fiction publishing bit that affected me not at all and angered me a great deal.  Sorry.

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