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For the time being I would forbear from using Pandora.  I think they got overwhelmed by their popularity, which I foresaw easily.  Behaviorally-presented music? of course–which means that at least some behavioral sorts of advertising are actually what we want.  That the internet has overwhelmed us with information is old hat.  Creating a sort of avatar that can progressively model our wants unfortunately can only make sense.  And here it’s very much not the data involved (the behavioral aspects) as the way it’s presented.  The world–not of the programmers nor bankers, not even of the doctors or drug companies–but of the admen, where selling your soul is last century’s story.


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Valorization and Information

value and information and two kinds of value–one is assigned because of currency, being up to the minute; the other is assigned because of stability, the ability to maintain relativity consistency in information in some respect in changing situations. The second can be assigned to the first, but not vice versa.


The only instinct that humans have that’s been confirmed is the one to copy. We copy whatever is moving around us that seems most like us, as tiny infants. That’s it. We have that in common with most mammals.



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