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Web of Trust

Web of Trust is legitimate.  More than that, there’s timely response to reports; one of the developers is evidently watching for comments on (for instance) PC World Business and offering advice and (Free!) help.  More than this, “Web of Trust” doesn’t conflict with Haute Secure, which is a browser-wide tool rather than just IE and Mozilla Firefox.  (I have tried it with Opera, K-Meleon (which I don’t advise) and Avant as well.)  The way things are on the internet–they’re going to get worse with the worldwide depression–the more protection the better, unfortunately.  You known that loathsome virus scan that slows up your computer while you’re trying to work on it?  Make sure it runs, regardless.  My god; I’m paranoid…or realistic.


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An excellent protection against being a bot (okay, it’s your computer that becomes one) is Trend Micro’s free Ru-Botted tool.  I’ve forgotten frankly when I first became acquainted with the company, but they are excellent.  The underline under “bot” really is a link.  It’s easy to use, and comes highly recommended from several sources.


(It looks like I recommended it before.  Senile dementia, here I come.)

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