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How we know what we know and all that sort of stuff


The methodology of knowledge really is essential in a lot of ways. Mainly, it establishes “truth” and “reality”, although as local rather than universal concepts. That concept has kind of fallen by the way—the universal bit, I mean. It doesn’t happen. A large part of that is just this little thing called perspective that keeps getting in the way. Perspective is pretty much relative in nature, inherently. One of the things this actually does mean is that “wisdom” as commonly used isn’t likely to be a really good tool per se. In use it’s something truly informative like “(s)he survived”. In an age with restricted information transfer, that really is meaningful.


Temporary end of sermon. I keep meaning to tackle the truth and reality thing, and I keep remembering Christ reputed didn’t have an answer for Pilate on that one (“What is is truth?”–the flip side of that being of course reality). I also keep remembering that actually every day we define it temporarily.


–I actually do know the word “epistemology”.  A friend of mine who’s a famous writer also told me that I had more than a tendency to overdo it on the uncommonly-used words thing.  Because I respect him as a thinker as well, and because I’ve been mulling that over since I was fairly young (so for about 45 years), I took his view as totally valid, and avoided that word. 


Random thought:  how much preserving the appearance of scholarliness actually has to do with epistemology (quite a bit).


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