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Bacteria to transform plastic from landfill to use

I thought about half a dozen ways to come up with wise-ass ways of introduction.  The fellows at Dublin College (in Ireland, oddly enough) have come up with a possible way for bacteria to feed upon and transform plastic.  I remember a similar article and project many years ago about nuclear waste.  One.  I hope this isn’t on the order of cold fusion, which presumably didn’t work.  Not that I ever get the feeling that I do know for sure someone is lying, I just don’t know which one.  And I don’t know where “reality” comes in.

Perhaps I’m just terminally confused.  Quite certainly it’s a part of my PTSD.  Like imagining the state trooper who kindly met me at the island every time I drove on it, after the bust.  And like imagining the one article about the guy in New York who claimed to be from the future and had some sort of “proof”.



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