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late in the afternoon, evening’s
drear threat approaching,
she often cries:  unsure
exactly why, but crying…
at times she dreams vaguely
of freedom, as the colors
luminesce:  she has known
only safety and confinement.
she is perhaps at near-40
practically a child; and knows this,
as vaguely:  but there was never
any pausing-place, the way
was never marked.
she has had only dull routines
(and the clumsy fumbling
at her body–she’s heard of orgasm)
with the occasional
voyages into bright ‘reality:’
shows and night clubs
and the tv’s shiny plastic dreams…
ah, but even if she were free
who would lend point:
what goal journeyed toward–
what promised land to reach?
late in the afternoon, grey
evening approaching (the smell
of steak in dingy passageways)
she often cries, gently and hopelessly.
Glenn–this dates from early in the Rogue Valley, so probably around August of 1978.  I’d assume from a couple of mentions and the bow to T. S. Eliot that it would have been just after first started talking for Harry and David (, which has gourmet foods, rather high prices, and customer service as good as the people who man the phones can provide).

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