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having learned silence,

how shall i learn to speak?

…for that matter; do i want to?

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A note toward how to manage continual or growing pain

Mine has become continual.  Part of the problem may be that I resisted seeking professional help (as in medical) as long as possible.  Might not be, too; my left leg is set crooked.


I had a while today where it wasn’t overmastering, though, so I fought it, and I think that’s the first step.  Unfortunately I pretty well spent what I had on petty things like house-cleaning and walking to the store a half mile away.  I’ll be able to drive again in August if I don’t have another seizure.  It seems ironic that the medicines prescribed were causing me seizures and I get penalized for it. 


I do have good luck, too.  People keep telling me about it.  I keep thinking about reading the post of a friend of mine near the financial edge and how I’d identified with it.  I need to go to the Veteran’s Service Office, which really isn’t yet within walking range (about 2 1/4 miles, maybe? 3?).  Because I have PTSD.  Which has oddly enough prevented me from going anyway.


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