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Help on Prescription Medicines

This looks like the real thing:  here’s the ABC News story.  I suffer from epilepsy.  Bad epilepsy; I run out of drugs, and I die (although this is partially due to the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; if I’m not conscious and can’t control it…I have a bloody heart attack, which is what nearly got me last year).  If you don’t want to read the story, here is the direct link.  Right now, I have health care through my wife’s employer (and co-pays, but we won’t go into that).  I also have something pending with the VA that if successful will give me free medical coverage.

If I didn’t have coverage, my expenses would be at least $800 a month, and that link would be all that would keep me from dying.  It’s already marked as a safe site on the ‘Web of Trust’ that I keep mentioning.

…In light of recent political and economic events, I feel like Tiny Tim (paraphrasing):  “God help us, each and every one.”


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The Job Hunt

This is an excellent article about how to do it, including things I didn’t do.   One thing I did finally learn at the end of my career, though, is simple but hard to do.  When you don’t get a job, see if you can talk with the person who interviewed you.  Ask them how they feel you can improve yourself.  Done in the correct way, that interviewer will even take it as a compliment. 


The main thing I didn’t do was send a “thank you” note for the interview.  That one does depend on the job–in better economic times.


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