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Lithia (the car salespeople)

They originated in the Rogue Valley, and started closing entire dealerships apparently at the beginning of last week.  The firing was done by firing-firms, which does tend to keep a lot better control of the process.  After the bit with the IT fellow holding San Francisco for ransom, more care than usual may have been taken with certain employees. 


When I said closing dealerships, I meant they were doing so in the Rogue Valley, by the way.  That’s where I live.  It shouldn’t be a surprise considering how their stocks fell after the initial IPO which I believe was at the beginning of 07.  The American car makers had invested heavily in SUVs.  The Japanese and Koreans have as well, but their main market to me still appears to be cars.  (The bit with one GM SUV that was supposed to be the real great seller for 06…and sold less than 100 vehicles total.  Or was that this year.  I keep forgetting that adaptability is spelled adaptability for the big three.


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