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A Brief Note

I’m suffering quite a bit from pain and yet able to go ahead with a manuscript to which I’ve variously referred, a work incorporating studies on sociology, psychology, various disciplines that are “inbetween”, essays at formal logic and the origin and limits of knowledge and its representation.  Most of the notes on things like this will be found here, as well as a truly massive amount of poetry.  I will note too that should someone contact me, “voices” (a poetry manuscript, something like 180 pages, and with a lot of the references to literature pointed out that are at this point only implicit [Delany’s Dahlgren, Babel-17; LeGuin’s Earthsea cycle; Aasimov; a host of others–which may or may not be fairly obvious] and even signed, although that’s available on the web quite easily…if you can find it–something about borngraphics and writing or such) is available.  We’d have to work out some method of payment, since I foolishly associated with someone who tried to misuse my name and simply ended in ending his and my access to PayPal.  As is, I’ll simply keep on posting bits and pieces.  I think actually it’s 180 poems and 200 some-odd pages but I wouldn’t swear to it; I simply haven’t looked in so long I’ve forgotten…and you wouldn’t believe how many poems were cut from it.  I think all of the poetry except the one about the hippy was written before I returned to the Rogue Valley in 1978.  A great deal of the poetry that I’ve written since is in the LiveJournal account to which I gave a link (for the time being, at least).

This blog is basically being reserved for comments on current events and “computer science”.  Bear in mind that my computer science is self-taught, even though I actually was a mainframe operator on an IBM 8100 for 7 years or so.  I am no guru, nor even close.  Hell, from the looks of it, I’m not even particularly intelligent.  I certainly haven’t learned to keep my mouth shut.  Anyway, point is, I’m going to try to make daily notes there when I do nothing here.  There are a few pieces of freeware and whatnot that I should point out and between the pain and most of my intellectual energy going to that philsophic pursuit that I began at 9 years old…I don’t know when and if I will.



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In Fairness to GoDaddy and LiveJournal…

We do have nearly an apology from GoDaddy over recent incidents.  Read that article, though, and you’ll find it broadly hinted that not all of this found a resolution.  I originally moved to WebPost because I lost most of my contacts on LiveJournal over what was mentioned, mass deletions of accounts.  At the time I was in the hospital so it was post factum for me; my account might have been deleted for a while, due some stuff about Bush.  Read the fine print of anything I know in the way of, and there will be some unspecified talk about deletions.  I’d already read something on LiveJournal and warned people; apparently it wasn’t enough.


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Rest of the Night

I’ve already got a “diary” entry of sorts started on the other computer that has 64KB bad on the hard drive.  Said entry is headed for LiveJournal.  This computer goes down for maintenance for a while.  That’s the really good part of having the two computers.  I can be conscientious and have actual access at the same time.

The LiveJournal blog is, well, I mean…that’s where it is.  Has a couple of entries in it for that matter.


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Hello world!/poetry/philosophy and mere opinion

I’ve come here from LiveJournal ( ) simply because I saw my friends’ entries had steadily declined until the end of last year, when they pretty well quit.  This is also going to record at least some of the travails associated with chasing a [theoretical:  proper usage is ‘hypothetical’ but current mis-usage has does a tad bit of modification to said proper] path of chasing a version and vision of reality.  Components ranged from the observation that most sociological studies take place from outside the group and are often based on what is termed “hearsay” if submitted by a ‘layman’  {Layman.  I love that.  It does directly indicate the religious nature of current science, which uses terms like ‘proof’.} to that of the error contained in the Identity Statement, which is commonly referred to as the Law of Identity.


And today’s main offering is merely a poem.

attempted knowledge

they just let me know
about you, today

you that half-willed whisper
of light and touch, reality
quite disputable:  mutations

of blurred visions, dreams’
ashed remnants
done to dust and breezeblown,
as i may soon follow

names that fetter,
names that bind;
stains on the sheets,
upon the walls.

and when they are gone
i suppose
nothing, nothing at all




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