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A Real News Source

I’ve often thought that the much-touted “social networking” was at best a pale imitation of things that John Brunner thought of over thirty years ago.  [It’s also abuse of a valid sociological phrase.  Drastic abuse.]    The problem that newspaper forums run into is first of all timeliness and relevance; they tend to drastically underline the lacks–because newspapers that aren’t for the megapolis are actually rural in nature.  I don’t want the print in paper form.  I want all the niceties of computer access.


Topix may start filling the gap.  My stand on the matter in 1970 was similar to that of John Brunner; that knowledge existed in the masses, but in disorganized form.  The stumbling attempts toward covering local news in a relevant manner show the possibility still exists.  And for sure, this resource will expand.  I’d encourage anyone who can to get a username for the possibility of contribution.  Who knows, the Web 2.0 these people [my fellow nerds, mostly, I guess–and management; those are the ones with the rented brains] are drivelling about may exist someday.


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