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Lesson One In Encryption Systems (if any ever follow)

An unbreakable code is a variation of the book code.  The source idea is that both parties have identical copies of a [book:  in fact printed medium of some sort] and never ever ever ever use letter-based cryptography, condense as much as possible.  If the Gideon’s Bible trick, Book, Chapter, verse, word.  Page, paragraph, word.  Include nulls.  Use a [second] group to complicate the process.  Ideally you don’t use a computer.  If you do you will leave a footprint, far beyond what most computer experts will tell you.  I’m not one, mind.


During my time in the Navy I thought of approximately 149 working variations.  I also wrote some of them down, and I was using a trick that is analogously described in Tinker, Tailor.  I promptly threw the logbook I was using as a diary overboard in the next typhoon, quite sure it would never be recovered.


Most published books cannot be used because of errata.  Today cached copies on the internet have some reliability.  A prolific blog on the Internet would be ultimately vulnerable because of certain hacking.  There is another based on orbits but this falls into a very famous (although nearly unknown) dictum; “Anything–and I mean anything–that can be encrypted can be decrypted”; I also can’t quite remember who might have taught me that one.


In the process of attempting you also make yourself a target by drawing attention, which is of course always ultimately wise.


I have a closing note as well.  It is so very unlikely the NSA will ever pay attention to you unless you draw its attention that they’re only worried about their image in all this.  They don’t CARE about your mistress, tax fraud, robberies, drug money, drugs, drug habits, or anything else (except as it might allow vulnerabilities given that you have attracted their interest, mainly by hanging around with people you probably don’t want to hang with and frankly are too stupid to know this [sorry for the deliberate insult, but many do, out of an astoundingly stupid fascination on the level of insisting on jumping in the arena with the matador and then…standing in front of him, and then…protesting while you die]}–they don’t care.  They don’t cooperate with police agencies.  At all.  They penetrate them.  That’s what spies and, um, super-spy agencies or whatever tf do.  The NSA isn’t a Bond film production, sorry, it ain’t super; witness that witless fool Snowden.  Who now has become a spy (the story about his cheating his way to the Agency was dropped thru lack of clicks) before mind you a systems analyst.  Short time frame.  The patterns indicating a ‘super-genius’ are lacking, sorry.  He isn’t one.  I have seen indications he doesn’t have a photographic memory but I have been unable as yet to verify them, and that happens to be one of the steps along the way–you decide to either detect patterns breath-takingly well or else you have a photographic memory.  That is an inclusive ‘or’, evidently.  I know someone who tried to avoid the photographic memory and eventually gained it in any case.


They do regard such people as potential sources of danger, which is quite reasonable.  Oddly enough such people agree.   And guess what.  They won’t try to decode your messages except for fun either.  The only ones I knew enjoyed the X-Men immensely.  And did everything they could to avoid notice, once they realized the punishments awaiting.  But that’s a note to other readers.

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